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DescriptionBARBECUE Wrestling


6 fighter in 6 exciting fights. During a barbecue evening a few boys want to know who`s the best and strongest fighter. Roger from Hamburg (an experienced boxer) wants to stop Manni, the 16 years old bodybuilder, who had recently declared himself the "King of Submission Wrestling". Will Roger defeat Manni or does Manni remains the strongest one? Stuck on of the aggressiveness and combat desire of the two, the others want to know, wish they can do on the mat. Starring: Manni (16 years old bodybuilder), Slavek (16 yo./the small one with the big mouth), Roger (26 yo./experienced boxer from Hamburg), Jay (16 yo./our cute guy / he´s new in our team), Gustl and Kevin (both of them new in the team).


Actually Knut and Barney just planned to chill at the like this afternoon and broil some steaks. But that idea already fails when they try to ignite the barbecue. They are just unable to start the fire and blame each other for that foolishness. Teasing is a sign of affection is what comes to ones mind when you see that they are very quick on the mats to sniff at each other. It´s the first time they meet and it seems as if both have just waited for that. Knut loves to be dominated by little Barney who can hope for his first victory this time. But will that happen? They start cautious but the fight gets hotter and more erotic. Long holds, long ballgraps, facesitting, feet in face, wedgies and cock to face attacks are the tricks they use on each other. After some time they need to cool down and so Knut grabs Barney and throws him into the lake. To have his revenge Barney gives everything but Knut doesn´t like to surrender and endures long and mean holds. At the end Knut provokes Barney. He undresses completely and wags his tool in front of his face. Hot hot hot


Another barbecue afternoon out there at the lake. Knut and Momo are chilling and Knut enjoys a oil massage by his girlfriend. Momo cools down in the water. But after that it´s getting hot because Momo starts flirting with Knuts girlfriend. Knut asks him to stop but Momo just grabs Knut and throws him into the mud. Now a hot fight about the girl is about to begin because she has offered the winner a hot time in the woods. They fight with all tricks. Besides Momo wants revenge for what Knut did to his friend Barney the day before. So he forces Knut to sniff between his legs and every schoolboy pin is a torture for Knut. He humiliated in front of his girlfriend. In the mud, on the grass or in the water, the guys fight in ecstasis and don´t even realize a crowd is watching them curiously

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