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DescriptionModel Photos - Jona Clerk

Sweet and shy, Jona Clerk will surprise you when you find out he likes to jerk off outdoors. The thrill of being caught and that someone might be watching turns this dark-haired twink on so much he's almost always close to dropping his load!
Release Date: 07/03/2015

Featuring: Jona Clerk

Model Photos - Tom Byron

Sports enthusiast Tom Byron is a sexy dark-haired twink with the body of a jock and the cock, ass and sexual appetite of a man. Game on!
Release Date: 07/06/2015

Featuring: Tom Byron

Model Photos & VIDEOS - Nick Gill and Pierre

Nick Gill’s had a rough week between school and work so it’s time to get a massage! Slender Pierre came highly recommended and the blond twink was just what Nick needed. Warming up his hands with slick oil, wearing nothing but skimpy white briefs, Pierre climbs all over Nick and what starts off as a massage, turns into a sensual cock sucking session. Nick devours Pierre, gets his face fucked, and his hole fingered. When he flips, over Pierre’s got something nice and juicy to slobber over. The slender masseuse sucks Nick’s fat dick, lapping at his balls before climbing onto the table and settling into a lip-smacking 69 position that turns into an all-out twink-on-twink suck and rim fest. And next thing you know, Nick is getting a different type of massage than he bargained for, one that includes a raw cock up your ass hitting that special spot that brings such delicious pleasure! After Pierre has his way, it’s Nick’s turn to get on top and you can see just how big his cock truly is by the look on Pierre’s face. The twink is positively flushed as Nick pumps him, stuffing his hole with the big twink meat and pounding away until he’s ready to let loose with a huge load, all over Pierre’s face, and into his mouth. Yummm!
Release Date: 07/07/2015

Featuring: Nick Gill, Pierre

Model Photos - Sven Laarson

Super hot and sexy twink Sven Laarson likes to strip down outdoors with a buddy and play footie before a sweaty flip fucking bareback session!
Release Date: 07/10/2015

Featuring: Sven Laarson

Model Photos - Jason Mike

Tall and slender, Jason Mike is your typical horny twink with a huge fetish for sexy underwear!
Release Date: 07/13/2015

Featuring: Jason Mike

Model Photos & VIDEOS - Nick Gill and Thomas Fiaty

Nick Gill and Thomas Fiaty were walking in the woods when they were caught by a storm. But these two sexy twinks don’t mind the rain. In fact, they LOVE having sex outdoors and the lightning and thunder only add to the exhilaration. Still, to be safe, they move inside a rarely used barn. There, beefy and dark-haired Nick sucks hung and skinny Thomas. The blond twink sucks Nick, trying to take all of his cock but it’s just too big and Tom’s mouth is too small to handle such a fat dick. Nick tries to cram more down the blond’s throat but soon realizes Tom’s just gotta learn to take it on his own. Besides, there’s another hole he’d rather have and Tom is just as anxious. Nick sits, offering that big tool to Thomas, who straddles Nick and impales himself on Nick’s cock. Hanging on to a railing, Thomas then rides Nick before bending over for the hung jock-twink. Nick slides home nice and easy and picks up speed as he pounds the hell out of Thomas. In fact, his cock is mesmerizing is it swings round and round while getting fucked in a hot angle that’s bound to get your juices flowing. When Thomas ends up on his back and flips his legs up in the air, that’s when Nick really drives that fucker home, banging the twink whore the way a bareback bottom should be fucked. When he’s ready to blow, Nick shoves his cock right in that sweet face, spewing his seed all over Tom’s face, lips, tongue and chest. The freshly fucked hottie eats the cum off Nick’s cock then strokes out a copious load of his own, which Nick eats some of and shares with Thomas.
Release Date: 07/14/2015

Featuring: Nick Gill, Thomas Fiaty

Model Photos - Troy Stevenson

Bareback bottom Troy Stevenson is a smooth and adorable twink with a fat uncut cock and a fetish for sexy lingerie!
Release Date: 07/17/2015

Featuring: Troy Stevenson

Model Photos - Shane Hirch

Beefy versatile jock twink Shane Hirch likes to wear sexy clothing and lingerie to jerk off before flip flopping bareback fucking!
Release Date: 07/20/2015

Featuring: Shane Hirch

Model Photos & VIDEOS - Tom Smith, Johnny Hill and Jona Clerk

Lost deep in thought, Johnny Hill sits by the lake smoking a cigarette when Tom Smith and Jona Clerk walk up to him. Surprised to see them holding hands, he’s even more surprised when jock and twink invite him to come along with them! Intrigued — and horny! — Johnny says yes and is soon sucking the blond’s uncut cock while Tom’s boyfriend Jona looks on. Jona gets hungry and drops to his knees to suck both, his boyfriend Tom and their new friend Johnny. Suck them both, the twink soon finds himself bent over, spit-roasted between Tom, who fucks his hairy little ass raw, and Johnny’s thick cock buried in his mouth. The dark-haired bottom ends up tag teamed, fucked bareback until both, Johnny and Tom splatter their loads all over his hairy ass and seed his hole.
Release Date: 07/21/2015

Featuring: Johnny Hill, Jona Clerk

Model Photos - Sven Laarson 2

Tall and slender Sven Laarson enjoys sexy outfits and fetish underwear that shows off his body to full advantage!
Release Date: 07/24/2015

Featuring: Sven Laarson

Model Photos - Ennio Guardi 3

Beefy Ennio Guardi is a luscious muscle hunk jock twink with a smooth muscular body, mouth-watering uncut cock and a fetish for leather!
Release Date: 07/27/2015

Featuring: Ennio Guardi

Model Photos & VIDEOS - Tom Byron and Sven Laarson

A huge soccer fan, Sven Laarson visits twink buddy Tom Byron in Brazil. There, after getting into a quick game of footie, the two start feeling each other up, decked out in their favorite team colors. Dark-haired Tom wears yellow and blue and is positively delicious with his scruffy jock look, compared to Sven — who IS the perfect twink. Inked Tom sucks Sven then enjoys getting his own beautiful piece serviced. The twinks then throw caution to the wind and Sven rims Tom’s delectable ass before impaling himself on Tom’s throbbing cock. Sven rides his buddy hard, fucking himself like a pro before pulling off and tasting his ass on Tom’s shaft. Then, because turnabout’s fair play, Sven works his long fat tool inside Tom’s rarely fucked ass and barebacks his hairy hole before seeding him and taking a facial. Now, if only sports teams were more like this!
Release Date: 07/28/2015

Featuring: Sven Laarson, Tom Byron

Model Photos - Denis Reed

Super hot and always hard, blond jock twink Denis Reed enjoys fetish clothing and getting hard to show off huge thick uncut cock!
Release Date: 07/31/2015

Featuring: Denis Reed


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