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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-05-31 |

"Open House features the on-screen return of Tom Chase! This has got to be the wildest real estate deal ever recorded. Tom is a successful agent in Palm Springs. When he receives a call from a man who wants to buy a property which has to have some privacy, he knows just the house to show. Being a professional, Tom has come to expect surprises. Even so, the ultimate test of that has got to be his newest client - Erik Korngold. Masking his reaction to the massive Erik, Tom moves along showing the grounds and then the interior. He is determined to make a sale and Erik is just as focused but in another direction.

The house has been closed for some time and is warm, so Tom removes his jacket. He notices Erik sending him sexual vibes - but the sale must go on, right? When Erik peels off his heavy leather jacket, the air is charged with masculine electricity. When Tom sees something his client is wearing, the connection is made. And then, the pool man arrives..."
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