♺ Brother Trouble 2 : Coming Together - classic dvd by Catalina 1990 MP4 1 28 Mb

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-01-08 |
The sexual demons are back as the Thomas' explore a new realm of brotherly love."
Cast:  Greg Thomas, Karl Thomas, Alan Lambert, Vinnie Travino, Rod Burnett, Mark Robinson, Derek Jensen

Director:  Josh Eliot

1.  Karl Thomas is jacking off in the shower when Greg Thomas comes in with a hood on and gets him off.
2.  Greg Thomas opens the trunk and finds lots of leather whereupon Alan Lambert appears. Alan offers himself to Greg and takes dick, whip, spankng and dildoing. Then they switch roles.
3.  Karl Thomas is jacking off on the deck.
4.  Karl and Greg hear sounds so they go downstairs to see Alan Lambert, Vinnie Travino, Rod Burnett, Mark Robinson and Derek Jensen all naked jacking off so the brothers join in and the orgy starts.
5.  The brothers finally fuck.
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