♺ [Its Gonna Hurt] SEPTEMBER 2009 COLLECTION

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[Its Gonna Hurt] 2009-09-08 - That's Gotta Hurt
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After our success story at the beach last week, we decided to hit the beach up again today to find us a victim, but this time Miami Beach. We find this cool dude Brian just hanging out by himself we're not too sure what's up with him but he made a comment about Castro giant cock so we invite him over the apt for some drinks. So we talked for a bit & I convince him to try the Supreme out & he went for it. Cum see what happens.... ENJOY!!!

[Its Gonna Hurt] 2009-09-15 - The Italian Meets The Sausage
Today I bring to you the sexy Boston native "Giovanni" a 20 years Italian/Puerto Rican little thing who came down here without a clue of what to expect from us. So we chatted for a little bit & to my surprise Giovanni likes his men very tough, very masculine, to take control, thuggish, etc.... Sounds like someone I know. He wasn't too much of a fan of huge dicks but one of big dicks, so I brought him inside to meet the Supreme & let me tell you, he was excited to meet him but when Castro pulled out that thing, his whole face changed. Come see what happens. Enjoy..... Hasta La visto

[Its Gonna Hurt] 2009-09-22 - Hop On, Cowboy
Meet Patrick, He likes big muscles, big dicks, and putting dildos in his ass. Meet Castro, he likes putting his big dick in little tight assholes, and terminating them. What a perfect match these two are. Both these guys are in great shape, and watching Castro fuck Patrick as he stroked himself was quite a sight. Patrick came a couple times while he was getting his ass pounded, and then Castro finished him off with a nice glazing.

[Its Gonna Hurt] 2009-09-29 - Southern Boy Visits The Black Pole
Meet our friend Isaac Coon. He's a real corn fed country boy. He came all the way from Georgia looking for a man with some "good equipment". And that's exactly what he got. This newbie had never seen anything like the tool Castro was packing. After the disbelief wore off he got right down to business. He swallowed Castro's giant like gravy and biscuits. We sent this kid back to Georgia with a couple dollars and a lesson. Be careful what you wish for.
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