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"SexPack Six: Heavy Equipment" may well be the best of the recent Raging Stallion "SexPack" releases because a salacious amount of creativity has been added this time to sublime casting. Not one man here, veteran or newcomer, delivers anything less than a shattering performance. Everyone's favorite, Michael Brandon, mixes it up well with Raging Stallion favorites Michael Vincenzo and Mark Evrett as a perfect addition to the syncopated sexual energy of the now-infamous brick-walled room.
The first scene, "Jazzed," bears the hallmark of gorgeous lighting. Hairy and unbelievably gorgeous Michael Vincenzo and a newly-buffed and adorable Tony Cummings are positioned in the corner of the room with a shaft of light on them. It's almost seedy, almost mysterious and forbidden, like they've found the one corner of a late-night bar where no one is watching but everyone is noticing. The shadows of what you can and can't see add supremely to the teasing sensual take this scene's directors forge onto it. Michael and Tony kiss feverishly and then, over spooky perfect music, courtesy of Mr. Slater, Tony blows Michael. Their bodies both look oiled and chiseled and Michael's big cock is pure joy. Tony gets all the way down it hungrily. Best is how they work together, with Michael arching his back in such a way that he looks like the ultimate model, while at the same time stuffing out a few more inches for Tony to suck. Michael gives a surprisingly unselfish blowjob, also deep-throating Tony's not-small piece. This scene is totally about body worship over sex itself, so the camera, often in long-shot, is careful to pay homage to asses and backs and other muscles certain positions you usually don't notice. Tony does a really interesting rim, almost a butt-poke, and then Tony sits on Michael to get fucked. They work well together, with Michael hammering at him at just the right speed, not too quickly yet, and then it's off to doggy-style where Michael finds a way to fuck him with both a tenderness and unalloyed passion. In the middle of all the sweaty fucking, there is a wonderful moment where they kiss and fucking without insertion, but the dick eventually goes back in and this second Tony-on-top riding is far more energetic than anything before, the volatile action shot at much closer angle. Michael's defining cum-shot fills the whole range of the camera.
"Fucked Silly" is filmed with a traditional camera and all the normal angles we expect, but also with a static camera on a tripod, the image of which is shown on a monitor just next to the action. With the visuals flipping around among the camera, the stationary camera and the monitor, what should be a standard leather, light-bondage scene turns into a frenetic explosion. Of course, the other reason for that is the performing style of Michael Brandon, a porn actor who has found a method of remaining the center of a scene, without malice, whether receiving or giving the action. He is decked out in a goatee and a leather codpiece, with his partner, sexy 70s-style Michael Soldier in face hair and his own share of leather. The action takes place in a chain-link suspension that looks like the place a schoolyard bully would take his nerdy charge for the afternoon. This vignette is far rougher than the preceding one, with Brandon starting by standing in the suspension to be blown. It's no matter that Soldier can't take all of the double-digit dick, it's just important how hard he tries, and how amazingly he adds to a scene about piggish pleasure more than anything else. Soldier can't get enough of the enormous cock and Brandon brays in honest excitement. Soldier doesn't waste much time blowing Brandon, soon enough sliding a condom on the size-XXL dick and allowing himself to be fucked by it. Soldier's ass has not one problem with this cock, which is given to him in a superbly fast, powerful fuck. All those good words we all use to describe the ultimate porn fuck apply here, with devil-inspired Brandon seeming to forget that perhaps not every ass is made to take a dick his size. Brandon takes a break from the whomping fuck to rim Soldier with the same ravaging of his fucking and then he goes back to fucking. Soldier now does most of the manic purring, and it seems that Brandon doesn't know the meaning of the word "fatigue." With all the cameras working overtime to provide a jaunty limitless style, Soldier than cums and then walks over to the monitor to explode there so it looks like Soldier is lapping up the jism. It's a great touch.
In the third scene, "Ass Pummel," isn't a long one, but it's every bit as fulfilling as the others, given how deep tangly hairy Mark Evrett can take a dildo all by himself. The dildo is perhaps twice the width of Michael Brandon's dick and certainly longer. Mark positions the dildo squarely on a simple wooden chair and with no time or effort wasted, he slides right down it, right down to the balls. This is an ass that knows no fear. The camera remains on Mark's ass for most of the time, but you do get glimpses of his face just to show how much it all means to him. There is no hint of timidity in Mark continually impaling himself on the scary piece of latex. When he's fully down it, you wouldn't even know he's doing anything but sitting on a chair, that's how deep in his furry beautiful ass it is. He has a nice upward-curving cock of his own and for the end of the scene he jacks it off for us, with a spurt that proves how much this dildo meant to him.
I guess there is some remodeling needed on "the room," for when we start the next scene, "Construction Zone," Michael Brandon is readying some bricks as tall lanky military-shaved smooth Ryan Lexington descends to the scaffolding to take a break. He is made to suck Michael, and from the outset, the editing is once again glamorous and interesting, making it look like Ryan blows Michael with scads of different techniques and positions in just mere seconds. Certainly Ryan seems to really want this cock, but one thing Michael has obviously learned over the years is the best position for his blowers, so he stands in a series of positions that must be personally uncomfortable to make his python seem even bigger and easier to suck. Ryan does a good job on the balls as well before Michael opens him up with a seven-course rim in which Michael licks, sucks, bites, chews, whatever. It's a good thing the ass doesn't need much opening because Michael Brandon isn't the one on which to practice. In the second scene of this flick alone, Michael has now found another bottom who can take him all, right down to the pubic hair. Michael slams the ass like the forever-wide hole has no sensitive nerve endings. He grabs onto Ryan's jockstrap and sends his dick shooting in there like one of those old push-pops we all loved as kids. Michael even throws a leg up on the scaffolding to invent a new position for his brutal punishing pounding. Ryan cums while being fucked, and it's then that beefy Italian-ish Vince Varrone arrives to challenge Michael's tiredness. Michael blows them both briefly and then Vince and Ryan have a beautiful few seconds of sharing the length of Michael just made for this sort of thing. Michael then gives Vince everything he gave Ryan. Again, it seems that Michael has no care for his bottoms (when in fact he's a very giving partner) and he knows that with enough force, anyone will have to be able to take his all. His groin slaps into Vince's lucky ass and he almost pulls out with every stroke in, shooting back in there like he's inventing his own set of endorphins. Vince has a quietly delivered shot being fucked that reaches all the way past his body and then Michael matches with one of his own.
I find it hard to believe that Raging Stallion has been able to create six of these no-frills SexPack flicks without a flagging one in the bunch, and I find it even harder to believe that "SexPack Six: Heavy Equipment" might easily be the best so far. The guys are supremely paired and every scene has a different style to it, all of them equaling each other. The performers are all standouts, but surely by virtue of being used twice, Michael Brandon emerges as a fantastic choice for the company's latest exclusive.
Special DVD features: Digitally remastered, Dolby stereo sound, easy-to-navigate menus (presented in four languages: English, French, German and Spanish), full-motion chapter index, slide-show gallery and previews of other Raging Stallion titles.
A VHS + DVD Review by Brent Blue

The original, "SexPack One: Four Tight Tales," bowed back in 2000, and the seventh in the series, "SexPack Seven: Pigs in Heaven," is one of my favorites. Heck, the box cover alone, of a sneering Buck Philips, is enough to get you off.
Philips helps set the tone for the video in the opening sequence, "The Other White Meat," with young blond Aaron Tanner. It's red-hot and edited lightning-quick. As these two men climb a set on stairs bare-chested, Tanner practically mauls Buck. Playing with his chest, and licking his pits, it's not long before Aaron is sniffing out Buck's rear. He places his head near Buck's ass, just before Philips removes his pants and then shoves backwards. Aaron virtually makes love to Buck's cheeks -- carefully eating and lapping the hairy crack. When Buck turns and stands over Tanner, Aaron uses that wicked tongue on Buck's throbbing erection. Right there on the stairs, Tanner aggressively takes Philips' ass. It's a muscular screwing, with the newer performer keeping pace with the veteran Buck. Like a hot little sexpig, though, Philips is at ease giving or taking. After his own ass has been filled, he plows Tanner missionary. Buck's muscular and sweaty legs look especially dynamic here, as do his balls slamming against his co-star.
Sam Dixon and Eric Michaels team next in "Slurp and Snort." This is an all-oral feast, with Max giving some of the best head of his career to his tall and slender co-star. After chewing on Eric's nipples, Max heads south and cradles Michaels' cock in his hands and then mouth. For a solid ten minutes, he absorbs it, taking his time to move his mouth up, down and all around the shaft. When Eric unzips his partner's pants and takes out Sam's own fat cock, his approach is more wham-bam-let-me-have-it-all-at-once-ma'am. "Slurp and Snort" is a luxurious duet, climaxing (literally) with Eric on his back letting Max glide his whole dick into his gaping mouth. Eric frantically begins beating off and cums, moments before Sam unleashes below on Michaels' neck and chest.
The best scene finds Michael Soldier and Rik Jammer outside "Roughing It." Ironically, it's both a gentle scene and one with some Neanderthal humping. Outside their tent, the lovers begin with a soft and romantic side, playing and caressing each other, before Michael shaves Rik's head. Soldier then positions Rik against a tree to fellate him. Rik looks like a slightly older version of porn star Addison Scott, with facial hair and an equally gorgeous body. His dick is somewhat deceptive looking until he stands and thrusts the eight inches out. It fits just right in Michael's hungry and attentive mouth. Suddenly, the scene turns rougher. Usually a bottom, Michael pounds Rik against the tree. It's gorgeous mansex, with sweaty bodies all over each other. Rik is carnivorous, grunting and moaning louder and louder, and Michael fucks the daddy silly. After some more oral play, with Rik blowing Michael while Michael devours Jammer's just-popped hole, both squirt loads, then hug as the sun sets.
"Pigs in Heaven" is the final scene, an orgy with Buck Philips, Michael Soldier, Sky Donovan and Max Grand. The loop grabs your attention from the opening, with Buck swallowing Max's dick, while Max chews on Sky's hole and Michael takes care of Sky's meat. The men share two tables and jump back and forth, taking care of each other, experimenting with where their tongues have yet to travel. Soldier resumes bottoming duties here, sitting on Grand's hardon while Sky gets on own spin on Buck's always-hard penis. After they've screwed a while, the tops trade off and resume their grinding in another ass. The cum-shots, especially Grand's all over Sky's back, are explosive.
With a spirited group of performers, "SexPack Seven: Pigs in Heaven" returns true eroticism and magnetism to the stalwart series.
A Video Review by Max Southern

In marked contrast to other "SexPack" features, the eighth in the series does not star a brick wall and a sling. Instead, it has a human star, the wondrous miracle of beefcake that is Sky Donovan. Performing in a few scenes here, he alternates between lusty vanilla work and some of the darker hardcore stuff, all with a hint of a smile and a flex of his gorgeous pecs. Joined by a cast of Raging Stallion regulars to fill out the video, and all of them as sturdy as ever, Sky helps the series stay fresh, with no signs of breakdown in focus or ideas.
In "Black Sky Fantasy," a rather innocent blond Sky Donovan sits on a haystack reading a dirty magazine, falling into a trance and imagining pin-up boy Robert Black, shown in noir-ish shadows without his face. His body, toned and fit, gives him away. Sky beats off to the thought of Robert, grabbing his meaty cock and not letting go of either it or his full balls. He obviously loves touching himself, and manages to do so even in sleep. Robert doesn't immediately go over to Sky, as they instead continue some solo work to hoist the tension level. It works, so when Robert finally does saunter over, Sky is ready for him, starting by licking lovingly on his boots. He finally blows Robert, opening wide for the thick cock and not even needing his hands. Sky is a talented performer who always manages to keep in mind both his partner and the camera, so whatever he does works for everyone. Having had enough of being adored, Robert goes to rim the video's main character, Sky's hairless big-holed ass. It's sizable enough for Robert to jam his face in past the nose. Truly, I don't know if I've ever seen a porn camera come as close to an ass-munch as this one does. You can count the stray hairs on Sky's butt. Skipping over standard fucking, Robert instead sends a gloved hand right up the poop-shoot on Sky, to the glove line! Robert's hand stays in position so long you wonder how Sky can work the muscles for such a time. The fisting is the highlight of the scene, with quiet Robert allowing Sky to take center stage.
The second vignette is called "Fucking in the Forest," and it's true to its title. The imposing Titus Drumm, a hairy burly guy, lights his cigarette and begins to fondle himself. Soon enough, a mysterious partner has arrived to provide a dick to suck, but one look at the dick, before the face, shows us Michael Brandon is back. Without a second wasted, Michael grabs onto Titus' head and forces all ... all of his cock down the throat. We know how much that is. With sounds mercifully left in, we get to see Titus choke and gag, repeatedly, but never stop swallowing the whole cock. Once has deep-throated it successfully, he can spend the rest of the blowing time trying again and again. It certainly never gets boring. Michael stands over him to feed him that way, and Titus matches him in that position as well. I really couldn't tell you who is in control, roaring cagey Michael or skillful Titus. Soon enough, Michael is making mincemeat out of Titus' butt. From the first insertion, it's a sublimely easy place to rest the monster, which means Michael can concentrate on giving the best fuck he can muster, rather than being nice to the poor ass. It's a thrilling fuck, the jaw-dropping kind where you wonder how the hell someone is able to take that sort of punishment. The two of them yelling up a storm in the forest is enough to chase all the Bambis right out of their dens. Michael rewards Titus with a spectacular facial at the end.
The next two scenes are very different versions of the same man. In "Desert Dreams," dependable hairy Mark Evrett is in the desert, hair a-covered with fuzz, sitting on a rock jacking off. He smiles and looks up at the sky, the camera loving to watch his shapely abs. His cock is a handful for himself, and he has a unique overhand masturbation technique that keeps the solo interesting. Surprisingly low-key synthesizer music urges the feeling of dreaminess and the editing keeps Mark's time to a minimum, showing just enough to appease the appetite. Throwing stickiness all over the place at the end, he's clearly just starting.
And that's when we get to "Hardcore Edit: Mark's Hand." We have to move inside for this scene, because the gawking factor outdoors would be huge. The scene starts in a bare room with just a chair. Mark, his face not shown yet, enters. He turns backwards to the camera and -- with no warning -- stuffs his entire hand up his own ass! To the wrist. No problem. As if he's scratching his ear! Over and over and over again for the next few minutes, he will continue to punch is own butt. It's absolutely scorching. The niceties of partner fisting go out the window. Mark knows his own ass, evidently, exceedingly well, so there are no slow insertions or pull-outs. Even better, the ass is so wide, it could probably hold both hands, though maybe we should save that for another "SexPack" entry. Near the end of the scene, he stretches his hole for the camera so wide I think you can see how babies get born. With one swift knuckle, Mark steals this movie right out from under its titular star.
With Mark's self-fisting as the pinnacle of "SexPack Eight: Sky's the Limit," things don't calm down for an instant in "Late Afternoon on a Hill Top." Again, dispensing with all foreplay, the scene begins with favorite baldie Rik Jammer tied to a pole hanging from a tree. Sky returns to the action brandishing a whip and lashing Rik's perfectly-colored white ass. Rik doesn't even flinch. In fact, each strap of leather seems to put a smile on his face. Making use of the beautiful sunlight and shadows, this scene is wisely filmed from afar, so that we can see sexy Sky tossing the whip around and Rik's body twitching in kind. There's a certain wry contradiction in having this extremely nasty scene filmed in such a lush bright setting. Sky is rather casual about his whipping. Most of it is fairly calm, though he does occasionally spice things up with some harsher motions. But, there's a method to his madness and it's called teasing. Prettying the pinking ass, Sky causes Rik to absolutely roar like a lion about to pounce. That's usually when he turns on the energy. The shots from the front are great as well, with Sky making sure to swat Rik's protruding nipples and rock-hard cock. Near the end of the scene, Sky treats Rik to a few licks on his red cock as thanks, and then disappears, leaving Rik to swing gleefully on the pole.
Though Mark makes a good case otherwise, there is no denying Sky is the star of this video. To make sure we understand, we are treated to "Hardcore Edit: Sky at Play," which is an expanded version of his solo work from the first scene. Taking his place back on the hay, he's more focused on his ass this time. It really is a glorious piece, rounded and glowing, really worked but not overtly so. He fingers himself in that extreme close-up that made the first scene work so well, opening himself up for two large dildos he dips in a vat of Crisco. He parks the first dildo on a canister and sits down on it. With speedy effort, he maneuvers his ass right down the thing, taking it to the base. This ass really is omniscient when it comes to handling anything put up there. It has a mind of its own. He rides this dildo for a while, always aware of his facial reactions matching the pleasure going on in his butt. You may ask where he puts all of this dildo while it's up there, but just remember how much hand he took in the first scene. With the hunk of plastic in his ass, he cums. Is it just a coincidence he's wearing Champion gym socks?
Sky has one last scene, the video's least remarkable, in "Down by the Wood Stack." The scene opens with a bit of humor as Sky attempts to chop wood. He does the first log really well, but then gets the axe jammed in a tree trunk. Watching him pry it loose is a lot of fun, but hardly in line with the storm-cloud-gathering mentality on display everywhere else. Bubbly dark young Andy Hunter shows up to help him load the wood onto the truck, unpacking Sky's wood instead. After kissing and pulling each other's dicks to freedom, the rest of the scene is strangely standard for the context. Andy has a luscious long cock, and of course Sky has no problem sucking any part of it. The motion is an easy gulp, deep-throat, gulp, deep-throat. Andy tries to thrust more into Sky's face, but Sky is pretty much taking it all and resists this show of force. Andy squats down to blow Sky, finally allowing Sky one of his only passive moments in the whole video. We haven't seen his glamorous and worthy cock used much here, so it's fun to watch Andy finally get at it. He manages most of it with a nice show of spirit, and then goes to rim Sky. I needn't rave over how yummy that is again. With the scene seemingly over, they stand over the axe and cum. However, they aren't done. Instead, Andy fucks Sky on the truck. He's off to a quick start after a troubled insertion, which unfortunately doesn't leave much room for build-up. Sky could handle him in his sleep, and even with the spunkiness Andy musters, the fuck is simply too plain for this video. As a final statement though, Andy's cum-shot is the best "SexPack Eight" has to offer.
If it's not readily apparent, this is a massive video, not only in length, but in scope. We whip through lashing, through fisting, through dildos, through Michael Brandon, all in the same film! It seems that star Sky Donovan is out to prove what he's worth, and everyone around him picks up on it. Even when he's not on display, someone is there taking his place, making sure some form of hardcore showiness is being watched. In truth, Sky deserves ownership of "SexPack Eight: Sky's the Limit" for everything he does in it has the feel of sweaty ballsy Raging Stallion action. That said, just try getting Mark Evrett's self-fisting out of your mind!
A Video Review by Brent Blue

"SexPack Nine: Fire in the Hole" is all man. The cast is made up completely of sexy men who are put together in fantastic combinations to toss off a variety of hot scenes, all with Chris Ward and J.D. Slater's knowing direction, of course.
In the first scene, cutie brunet Matt Fuller is in a sling and Michael Brandon is busy eating his ass and blowing him. Michael fits in a tongue and a few fingers with total ease, and the better part of his chin. The intensity spills off Michael, as always. The blowjob is wonderful as well, Michael deep-throating as if there's not such thing as the back of a neck. Michael then insists Matt suck his cock, and Matt, still in the sling, manages the better part of it to his own amazement. Michael unfairly tries to face-fuck him before he's really used to it, but once Michael grabs the sling and rocks Matt's face into it, Matt becomes the hero of the scene, swallowing every last inch without so much as a gag. Michael finally gives the scene what it wants, and he fucks Matt, helpless in the sling. Michael is up to all of his usual tricks, starting off slowly but in total control. Matt's ass spreads for Michael and as Michael gets harsher and falls into a terrorizing frenzied speed, Matt doesn't so much as whimper. It's a great fuck from both guys and Michael cums at the end of it, not too tired to blow Matt into cumming next.
It's inspired pairing to put dark swarthy Enrico Vega together with blond god Sky Donovan. Enrico fits Sky's cockhead into his own uncut dick and then Sky gets to blow Enrico. As expected, Sky conquers another of porn's most infamous cocks, this one as thick as it is long. Sky has a grand time, using lots of hot tricks to dazzle his partner, but Enrico doesn't make it easy for him. Instead, he swings his dick around like a heavy puppet and teases Sky over and over until he wants it so bad he manages to gorge himself even more. Sky then climbs on a ladder and has Enrico blow him. Enrico is so dedicated here, he can fit not only the whole cock in his mouth, but the balls as well! It's a hot oral performance, equaled in its success by a rimjob that follows. Though the camera is Sky's best friend, dancing around his shining skin from all angles, it's the work Enrico is doing that wins the kudos. After the long rim, Enrico thrusts his cock into Sky's butt with one motion and treats Sky to a real fuck. He grabs Sky's feet, knocking him out of any control, and just slams into him. Completely tireless, as if he hasn't already given the performance of his life, Enrico doesn't let up his momentum for a second. As for Sky, he's open and willing for everything he gets, an ace bottom who makes fucking look like the most natural thing in the world. Enrico's cum-shot reaches all the way up Sky's body, a physical reminder of all the hard work he put into this scene.
Michael Brandon is back for the third scene, this time macking with Aaron Tanner. Aaron, squeezed into a yellow latex half shirt, looks better than ever here, more muscular than usual with abs of steel and a sexy goatee. The short scene rattles into action with Michael going right for the fuck, his dick given a beacon by the piercing at the entranceway to Aaron's butt. Again, Michael need waste no time in pleasantries, for this is another ass raring to go. Michael adopts a hip-gyrating movement here different from his style in the first scene, one that works well with Aaron's muscular butt. Michael Brandon's dick, as unbelievably huge as it is, seems to think it has the right to fit completely in any ass, and Aaron isn't going to be the one to tell it otherwise. Instead, Aaron allows him access to the pubes and Michael thanks him by fucking the stuffing out of him in a few positions. Michael has a big shot that gets Aaron nice and dirty, and then Aaron has a real spinner right onto his stomach.
The final scene is all about testosterone. When it starts, noted male sexbombs Rik Jammer, bald and achingly hot, and Jeff Allen, hairy and hunky to the hilt, are tied up and flogged. None of that light whipping, they are each pummeled by a whip, reddened and welted to freaky color and size. Rik is a screamer so intense that I'm sure the neighbors wondered what kind of South American prison had invaded their neighborhood. Once the two are appropriately taken care of, ever-sexy Robert Black, armbands showing how big his arms are, enters the action. He brings the pleasure after the pain, kissing the two men and then the boys, with their hands tied behind their backs, blow Robert. It's not a sharing thing, but a greedy pull for dominance, with Robert the lucky recipient. After a lusty three-way kiss, Robert gets all the fucking chores. As Rik and Jeff snarl and rage throughout the rest of the scene, it's quiet unassuming Robert who will steal it. Robert's first lucky victim is Rik. He takes him on his side and then doggy-style. Robert works up some great steam and then he and Rik literally wrestle Jeff to the floor. Rik sits on his face to get an angry not-fair rim from Jeff while Robert takes over his butt. Jeff is an animal tamed by not only the fuck, but by the big drools of spit Rik drops into his mouth so sexily. Rik then teases Jeff by kissing Robert inches away from Jeff, so he doesn't forget to return to Jeff now and then to calm him down. The fucking takes on a very interesting spin when Jeff literally picks up Rik, deposits him on Robert's cock and forces the ride. Very hot. With energy and nastiness that's off the charts. Jeff and Rik switch places again, Jeff's Prince Albert swinging in time to the pound he's inflicting on himself. Rik is then places on his head for Robert, backwards, to sink a fuck into him. This is especially interesting considering Robert's cock curves the opposite way, so Rik must be in heaven. Jeff and Rick cum on Robert's chest and then each man holds one of Robert's legs, bend him upside down until he cums right into his own mouth.
A Video Review by Brent Blue

"SexPack Ten: This End Up!" is high on furious sexual energy, with four long luxurious scenes taking their time to build into forceful incredibly hot episodes. With familiar Raging Stallion men to provide the dicks and asses, it's another can't-miss edition.
The first scene takes place outdoors between smooth intense Michael Soldier and Raging Stallion's Man of the Year 2003, Tom Vacarro, looking his absolute best with a lot of shadow on his face and his chest hair so edible. Michael takes a good long time working his way down that chest, pausing at the nipples. He finally does make his way down to Tom's dick, which is way too massive for Michael to deep-throat, but which he attacks with total fervor. He closes his eyes and takes in whatever he can, with Tom's hand on the back of his neck helping him keep up the wonderful speed he's using in wetting the cock. Michael then leans up against a tree so Tom can suck him, starting out with a deep-throat as Michael grows in his mouth to a size that makes all that gulping more difficult. However, Tom, his tongue on the bottom of the shaft, actually manages to hit the bottom of it again fully hard. Tom works slowly, the ultimate tease. Michael may have a different speed, and goes back to it when he returns to blowing, but it's no less sexy. Both belong in this scene. On a compost heap, Tom pokes around at Michael's ass with
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