♺ scene from Entering Freshmen Jherrad Lopez & Tiger

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Jherrad Lopez has a very sudden change of heart and decides to pursue a career that has to do with sports. He has a ready answer for his friends, who know full well that hates sports, but then the movie shows us "the real answer." The chiseled sunken-cheeked mocha-skinned hottie with big spikey hair goes to coach Tiger, a tall amazingly built black man with a ripped body. When Jherrad asks for a job, Tiger has one for him slavishly attending to his gigantic cock. Jherrad takes a piece that was made for at least two and gobbles at it greedily. He has a mighty hot mouth to go with that youthful handsome face of his. His earnest tongue can't get enough, so Tiger turns around to take the tongue up his ass, which zesty Jherrad does with equal aplomb. As good as Jherrad's mouth is, his ass is even better. Tiger is able to cram in his entire cock and fuck with scary rapidity, and Jherrad handles it beautifully, even with all of the tricks and motions Tiger uses. Jherrad has certainly gotten things off to a whiz-bang start.

Tiger is unrelenting, but Jherrad only encourages him with his pleading moans and pursed bitable lips. In fact, Tiger seems to tire out somewhere during the missionary fuck, but Jherrad seems as fresh as ever, ready for so much more, the delicious sprite! Jherrad has a bountiful show being fucked and then Tiger finishes all over Jherrad's pelvis.
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