♺ Seduced Straight Guys - Matt (3rd shoot)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-02-02 |
Muscular, rough, hot, butch. I guess they are a couple of words to describe this guy. Getting down and dirty is another way. Man, what a fine. Matt came about as a referral from someone who wanted to do a shoot, but wasn't quit what I was after. When he turned up with Matt I made eye contact with him and got this feeling that there was allot more to this guy than his mate knew.

I took Matt straight upstairs to chat with him in private, I knew straight away I wanted to film him, so doing an interview was just nothing more than a formality. I didn't waste any time with him, he had traveled a couple of hundred k's to get here, and I certainly didn't wanna waste the opportunity. I filmed him straight up, leaving his mate downstairs to be entertained by a friend of mine.

The shoot started like any normal shoot, a few basic questions, footy shorts, getting it hard, and so on. Then I got him to stand up, I wanted to get a feel of this guys muscular body, so I covered him with massage oil and started to rub him down. I played with his hot body, rubbing over his chest, his arms and his legs. He seemed to be enjoying it, I know I was :-). I let my hand travel down to his butt, just to give it a bit of a feel, he reacted. So I did it again, but this time down the center of his crack, over his butt hole. He reacted again, this time even more, with his hips thrusting with the movement of my hand. Before long all I was doing was rubbing my hands up and down his crack and over his butt checks, every time him reacting with a louder and more intense movement and groan, like he wanted it more and more. Man, he was loving it.......

Matt - 28yr old unemployed guy from a small country town out west. Off screen, Matt told me he did this for some extra cash, but I think he also did it for the experience. He clearly loved it, I mean more than any other guy I have had on here for awhile. His a hot looking guy with a great body, and will certainly be back for more.... :-)
Enjoy !!!
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