rock hard wrestling - austin cooper vs bruce ballard

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Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper

Lately, the new upstart superstars have been stealing the spotlight here at Rock Hard. These days it’s all about; Alex Waters, Dash Decker, Matt Engel, and Bruce Ballard. Well, this doesn’t sit well with the veterans that built this fed, like; Zack (Z-man) Johnathan, Austin Cooper, Jake Jenkins, and Ethan Andrews. Some of the vets decided to take a stand and deliver a message that they built this house, and they intend to defend it! In this match-up, we have ‘the total package’ and rising superstar Bruce going against the seasoned veteran and ‘tactician’ Austin. Bruce has burst on the underground scene with an easy victory over fellow rookie Tyson Matthews and is looking to move up in competition. When Coop heard about this, he asked for his turn to take on the dark haired, perfectly built Bruce. Coop is so anxious for this match he’s already waiting in the ring for it to start. Coop’s decked out in his signature green trunks and black boots, even sporting a black hoodie for this match. Meanwhile, Bruce looks perfect in dark blue and silver square cuts and black boots, pumping up his ripped, pristine body before climbing into the ring. Both of these muscle dudes can dish out and take the trash talk, though Coop does his best to get inside the total package’s head. Austin claims his bigger than bodybuilder Bruce, so Bruce asks ‘do you think you’re stronger than me?’, and Coop pauses then replies ‘no, I know.’ Bruce gets a chuckle out of this, he climbs through the ropes and challenges Coop to an old school arm wrestling match. The two lay on their stomachs in the center of the ring to settle the score. Their massive biceps locked in struggle; Bruce ultimately prevails and forces Coop’s hand to the mat. Bruce gets to his feet, and with testosterone flying high, he flexes each of his bulging biceps for his opponent to admire. Coop brushes it aside saying ‘I’ll beat your ass wrestling, I’m a wrestler’. The two lock up with Bruce gaining the early control. He backs the redhead back into the corner and begins to go after Coop’s shredded abs. Coop’s abs have never looked better, and perhaps they’re in for a beating? Bruce’s uses his muscles to lift Austin up over his shoulder, then slams him to the mat. The rising superstar then delivers and elbow drop to the veteran’s back and follows it up with a back breaking camel clutch that has Coop suffering and Bruce flexing his biceps in dominance. The total package doesn’t let up, he places the redhead in a double leg boston crab, and when he’s done with that he watches as Coop pulls himself up by the ropes, then shoves him into the corner and starts to bitch slap him across his massive pecs. It’s a little surprising how Bruce has controlled round one, and it doesn’t stop. He locks on a figure-four leg lock with his mammoth thighs exerting immense pressure on Coop’s enormous legs. Once Bruce has worked over every part of the veteran’s body, he hoists him up and drops him into an over the knee backbreaker. He’s got the bearded redhead sprawled out across his knee, and to add insult to injury begins slapping his abs until Coop screams out a submission to escape the torment. Bruce poses proudly over his battered opponent. Round one goes to the upstart superstar.

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