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StraightMenInTrouble - Scary Janitor and the Homecoming King (HD720)

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DescriptionUpdate for 05-15-2015 - Part 1

The scary janitor had had his eye on the sexy young man for four years and had made sexual advances which the young man ignored.  Now he was back for the homecoming dance and crowned king, but the pervert abducted him and had him bound and gagged in the janitor's closet.  The stud was his at last. The janitor ripped and cut away his suit until it was just torn rags, revealing his fit, muscular body and long cock, just what he'd wanted, at last it was his to grope and fondle.  The homecoming king struggled and cried out in terror while the scary janitor scolded him for ignoring his advances for four years.

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Lenght: 17m21s

Update for 05-29-2015 - Part 2

The janitor had watched the young homecoming king working out in the gym enough to know that he wanted to see this superb body in action. Using a riding crop for motivation, he forced the terrified young man thru a workout, enjoying the sight of his muscular body straining to comply with his demands.  Then in a sadistic twist, he forced the young man to balance himself on one foot while he whipped the other, enjoying the way his muscular leg trembled from the strain as he cried out in agony.

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Lenght: 12m40s

Update for 06-05-2015 - Part 3

In his strange way of thinking, the janitor thought that the homecoming king should be punished for ignoring him for four years.  "Look what you are making me do to you" he tells the terrified young stud as he takes him over his knee for a humiliating spanking.  "I wouldn't have to do this if you'd said hello to me" he lectures as he spanks the homecoming king's muscular ass by hand, with a ruler and a hairbrush.  The poor young man can only howl in pain, apologizing thru his gag but to no avail.

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Lenght: 17m37s

Update for 06-19-2015 - Part 4

"Everyone wants to get fucked after the homecoming dance" the scary janitor tells the poor frightened king, "so I'm going to fuck you."  Tied face down with his ass exposed and vulnerable, the young man can do nothing to protect himself as the fat perverted janitor fucks him with his finger, then two different dildos, riding him like he was fucking an animal. The homecoming king's anguished cries fill the closet while he struggles to free himself, begging for forgiveness.  When he's finished, the janitor sticks a butt plug in his ass and tells the young man he's going to tell his friends where to find him in his humiliating and degraded position.

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