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Catalina (1996) "Cat Men Do"

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DescriptionEver wondered about the behind-the-scenes world of Catalina Video?
"Cat Men Do!" offers up a fantasy of what life might be like for the performers in the Catalina cache. Divided into chapters such as "New Customer Package," "Doing it" and "It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3 ... and 4." "Cat Men Do!" is one of those huge-cast mega-productions, with an abundance of fiery highlights.
As "Cat Men Do!" opens, Michael Cody and Steve Rambo are distributing flyers advertising their porn-star appearance (as well as open auditions for Catalina) at a bar later that evening. Rambo and Michael put one in the swimsuit of Cole Youngblood, relaxing on the beach. After those two adult performers have enjoyed themselves that night, they find a card that bar-visitor Cole has left with them. Michael and Steve go looking for him -- and find him on his deck naked, eagerly rubbing his dick. The real-life porn stars take off their clothes and decide to audition Cole on their own. While Rambo kisses his new find, Michael snatches Cole's big dick for a taste test. Then he and Steve share it, the long thing snaking up between their faces. The two lick it in unison, until Cole cums on Steve's chest. They move indoors, where they jump on a sofa for more. Cole rims Michael just before he pokes his tight butt. The sultry Cole gives Michael a solid fucking, then with all three men still sprawled on the sofa, Cole sticks his dick inside über-bottom Steve. Steve gets off while impaled, and Cole blasts this time with Steve's butt atop his tongue.
Steve and Michael agree to send in a picture of Cole to the studio. The next thing we know, some time later, we are on the set of Cole's first adult flick. A director is looking at photos of his models and about to shoot a scene. Four naked lads -- Brad Michaels, Steve O'Donnell, Mike Marino and Cole Youngblood -- jump into a pool, horsing around, doing somersaults. The director carefully orchestrates the action. Coming out of the water, buff Brad Michaels grabs the cock of tattooed Mike Marino, his head disappearing between the man's legs. Behind them, Cole gets orally worshipped by blond Steve. The camera gets amazingly close to the action as Cole's hardon finds the back of Steve's mouth. Just prior to the fucking, Brad grabs two dicks and with relative ease worships them both. At this time, Cole sucks and then rims Mike Marino.
Splitting up, Cole plants Steve on his back and digs into his rear. Hunched against a wall, with his beautiful muscle ass stretched out, Brad lets Marino pound him. Brad's facial expressions tell the story -- Marino is a strict top, and he shows no subtlety on the hole in front of him. The tops squirt first, and then the bottom boys jack themselves off. Making this scene even more fun is watching the director and crew watch the performers on the monitor. The crew tells Cole that he's gonna be a star. They even give him the opportunity to invite the co-star of his choice.
Shortly afterwards, deliveryman Mike Nichols brings Tony Tarango a package. Well, make that two packages. Tony can't take his eyes off Mike's crotch, and finally Tony's libido wins out. Mike shoves his meat down Tarango's appreciative jaws (Mike's cock is way too big for Tony to deep-throat but Tarango makes a valiant effort, almost gagging on the sheer length of it.) Almost making love to Mike's appendage, Tony strokes himself to climax while he slurps away. Mike announces he is about to shoot, and pulls out seconds before he squirts all over Tony's face.
Two weeks later, Mike Nichols returns with Tarango's "New Customer Package" from Catalina, only to realize that he has mixed up Tony's delivery with that of neighbor Jake Taylor. In his living room, nosy Jake opens the package, sees the contents and pulls out his excited dick. It grows to a mesmerizing size -- so big in fact that he is able to double-hand it. Tony and Mike have been standing at the door to exchange the package but now barge in and almost fight for bragging rights of Jake's bat. Mike lavishes attention on Jake's balls while Tony devours the rest of the delicious penis. Jake must have been really horny -- he reaches a quick orgasm on his hairy chest. Proving he can take as well as receive, though, Jake lets Tony and Mike surround him and offer their cocks from both sides. Jake fellates Tony and then turns gentlemanly to Mike. Tarango erupts from the action, but isn't done yet. He moves to the foreground and slowly sinks onto Jake's rigid-again pole. This is a scintillating scene, with Tony a boisterous bottom and Jake proving to be a rabid cocksucker. Tarango does most of the action while penetrated, leaving Jake free to suck harder. Mike also gets to plow Tony's hot ass and after he and Jake have tag-teamed him, they drop cream on Tarango's buttcheeks and face, respectively.
A seemingly empty building in the desert turns out to be a festive place. Rusty James, a customer service rep from Catalina, drives out to the building and hurries inside. K.C. Hart and Nick Collins manage to find their way inside, too, and find a huge glory hole. They both grab the respective bulges in their jeans in anticipation. K.C. goes first, and grabs the clothed crotch of Rusty James, standing behind the glory hole. Soon, Hart has unleashed Rusty's dick and is cradling it in his mouth. Nick takes out his own dick and plays with it, watching the glory hole action. After K.C. has sucked Rusty silly, James spills his seed inches away from K.C.'s face and tongue. The session ends with James giving K.C. a video for his oral services. Nick is next, giving perhaps the best blowjob of the entire production, followed by cowboy Kyle Hunter and then Mason Walker, all sucking their hearts out and getting Catalina products for their skills. It's a very erotic scene (even though we never see Rusty's face).
At home, Adam Wilde and Bo Summers are preparing to watch some Catalina tapes with friends Sam Crockett, Matt Easton, Marc Brody and Bryan Kidd. Bo asks Adam to come to the living room and watch, but Adam declines, deciding to finish up his new orders. Midway through his paperwork, he looks out and fantasizes that the group has decided to get it on. Matt is deep-throating Bo while Bryan hops from Sam's dick to Brody's. Sam's distinctive and masculine voice -- "Yes, suck it, son" -- rings out across the room. Adam is soon persuaded to join and assists Matt with Bo's swinging bat. All six of the men get ample sucking time -- and each with healthy appetites. Adam, now in high gear, has a grand time licking Easton's ass -- Matt even cums while said tongue is in his sphincter, as more of the room's asses are prepped for penetration. Adam Wilde opens up and bottoms beautifully for Bo Summers, Sam Crockett pokes Bryan Kidd, and on a sofa, Matt Easton bobs up and down ferociously on Brody's pole.
Featuring catchy music from Sharon Kane throughout, "Cat Men Do!" is a classic that has held the test of time, with multiple cum-shots in each scene.
DVD features: Chapter selections; previews; and a scene from director William Higgins' classic "The Best Little Warehouse in L.A.," with Michael Christopher, Mike Dean and Rick Kennedy. The scene finds Christopher catching the other two trespassing. Michael gives the lads a lesson – he pulls their pants down and lightly spanks them. Further "punishment" includes a group suck session and watching the two trespassers screw. Michael watches and wanks as Rick's butt is pierced, apparently for what is the first time. The capper comes when Michael steps in and gives Rick a sound butt-thrashing, only to have Mike Dean approach from behind and stick his dick up Michael Christopher at the same time. It's a great scene. Their chain-fuck is sweaty and lovely to watch. This DVD extra makes an exceptional product even more sublime.

director Josh Eliot
concept Mike West
editor Josh Eliot
music Sharon Kane
Rock Hard
postproduction Chet Thomas
producer Josh Eliot
titles Tab Lloyd
videography Brad Austin
Mitchell Dunne
Bill Hunter
writer Josh Eliot

1. How to Become a Model 
Michael Cody OgAb, Steve Rambo OgAb, Cole Youngblood OrAt
Michael Cody and Steve Rambo meet Cole Youngblood on the beach amd put a model search flier in Cole's bulging bikini. At a beach house with a pool they meet up again and chow down on his 11" cock. Cole then tops them both.
found in compilation Colossal Cocks 4
found in compilation Josh Eliot 2: Directors' Best

2. Doing It 
Mike Marino OrAt, Cole Youngblood OrAt, Steve O'Donnell OgrAb, Brad Michaels OgAb
At a Catalina film shoot Mike Marino and Cole Youngblood take turns man-pounding Steve O'Donnell and Brad Michaels after horsing around in a pool.

3. New Customer Package 
Mike Nichols OrgAt, Tony Tarango OgrAb, Jake Taylor OgrAt
Mike Nichols delivers pictures from Cole Youngblood to Tony Tarango. Tony is more interested in Mike's personal package to which he applies some sucktion. Tony orders films from Catalina but Mike accidentally switches packages when delivering to the next door neighbor Jake Taylor. Tony sees the mistake so he and Mike rush over to correct things only to find Jake already jerking off to the porn. The three do their own porn
found in compilation Colossal Cocks 2

4. It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3... 4 
Rusty James Or, Nick Collins Og, K.C. Hart Og, Mason Walker Or, Kyle Hunter Or
In an abandoned house in a wind farm, guys line up for blow jobs.
Rusty James gets blow jobs from 4 guys and gives them all Catalina videos in return for each time he comes.
found in compilation Glory Hole of Fame 3

5. Cat Men Do! 
Bo Summers OrAt, Sam Crockett OrAt, Adam Wilde OgAbRg, Matt Easton OgAbRr, Bryan Kidd OgAb, Marc Brody OrAt
6 guys watch Jaw Breakers and get into their own act.

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