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Stud Ranch Hung N' Strung

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1. Gavin Waters - Jeremy Bilding
2. Corey Martin - Tommy Defendi
3. Micah Andrews - Tristian Baldwin
4. Dayton O'Connor - Zach Alexander

Dayton O'Connor runs a stud farm, but one with a twist. No, the twist is not that he has horses. The Porn Handbook tells us that when we talk about a stud farm, we mean human male studs. They are there aplenty. No, what's curious about this stud farm is that it's not made up of guys sporting gorgeous tans because they move hay from one place to another or simply stand around modeling the latest in handkerchief chic. Boys are grown for sex here, but a dirtier sex than might expect. The first image, while the credits start, is Dayton nailing ropes into the ground. The ropes are holding one of his studs face down, spread eagle, his arms and legs pull apart, and even his balls tied to a stake!

Jeremy Bilding shows up, shirtless with popping nipples, asking Dayton if his "order" is ready. Indeed he is. Blond cutie Gavin Waters is tied upside down, hanging from the top of the barn. Handsome Jeremy is in no rush to cut Gavin down. First of all, Gavin is in a perfect upside down position to give him a blowjob, which indeed he does. Now this is clever! Gavin, no doubt all of the blood in his body in his head, is able to suck Jeremy's dick, and suck it well! He's able to suck it even better when he's finally cut loose, now gobbling the meaty piece with fierce resolve. Best of all is how much Gavin seems to enjoy it. He sucks wearing a smile and keeps up great energy to please Jeremy. Jeremy then has Gavin bend over so he can attend to his ass, a nice rump with hair right in the crack. Jeremy licks it ardently, a hand on each of the beautiful cheeks surrounding the hole. Then Jeremy gets the ultimate prize and fucks Gavin. The blond's ass is made for splitting in two and Jeremy does it well. They are at
their best when Gavin rides Jeremy, his own hard cock swinging wildly all over the place. Lastly, Jeremy does Gavin on his back. Both shoot nice loads.

Returning customer Tommy DeFendi hopes his playmate's "balls are nice and full for me." Tommy's boy is Corey Martin, the guy we saw splayed and tied to the ground during the credits. Tall and lean Tommy is immediately drawn to Corey's ass and balls, which indeed are plump, especially from being tied up so long. Tommy stands over Corey, and pees. This gets Corey twitching and excited. Tommy unties Corey's arms so Corey can kneel in front of him and blow him. Corey crams his mouth with cock happily and Tommy then unties his legs, leaving only his balls trussed up. But still Corey sucks and sucks. Tommy actually blows Corey as well, very eagerly going down on the piece that he was so excited to see nearly nailed to the grass. His deep-throat is spectacular. Tightly-packed and muscular Corey throws a leg up on a bench and pops his ass out toward Tommy, who goes in for a hearty rimjob. Tommy then thrusts his cock into Corey with one solid motion and fucks his tattooed bottom with pushy pressure. Tommy has a grand time stuffing Corey's butt, cooing the whole time, even if Corey doesn't always look to be enjoying it quite as much. The guys cum with Corey sitting at Tommy's crotch.

Dayton is busy getting the next study ready. He ties little blond Micah Andrews so that his legs are pinned behind his head and he is then blindfolded. Customer Tristan Baldwin, a beefy rough type, is not happy to have been kept waiting. "I'll take out my frustrations on this boy instead," Tristan barks. Dayton is sure Micah will make Tristan happy. And indeed he does. Tristan slaps at Micah's ass and talks dirty to him, but Micah says he isn't scared. "I'm not your friend, but I am going to be your Daddy!" Tristan says before punching Micah. Tristan flexes his arms to frighten Micah, but tells him the strongest is yet unseen. Tristan talks of all he will do to Micah, and then jams his nipples and armpits into Micah's mouth. Tristan can't ignore Micah's pucking asshole much longer, so he starts fingering him and then moves to sucking his toes, always maintaining character. After rimming and kissing Micah (with both the ass and mouth getting healthy globules of spit), Tristan rams a mammoth dildo into Micah's butt, calling it "gentle," though it's anything but. "I'll treat you just like one of the livestock," Tristan says, and no doubt meaning it. I don't know if he's winging his dialogue or if it was pre-written, but it helps fuel this movie's strongest scene. Micah, now untied and standing up, gets to adore Tristan's gloriously muscled body, licking it everywhere. He then hauls out Tristan's cock and goes in for a lusty deep-throat. All of the time Tristan spent teasing him wasn't just to get Tristan in the mood, because it's having the same effect on workaholic Micah. Micah services Tristan brilliantly and the reward is a smashing fuck. Tristan has so much oomph and style, and Micah lets him do everything to his ass. The camera angle below the action show how hard Tristan is plowing at Micah, whose ass cheeks jiggle with every thrust. The raging fuck Tristan promises has indeed come true. Tristan also makes sure it's never boring, whether flexing for Micah, pulling his bottom's hair or neck, or anything else he can conjure up at the moment. No matter what, his fucking remains strong and insistent. Micah cums being nailed, though Tristan clucks, "that's all you got for me, boy?" Tristan's isn't much better, but by that time, they are both so enamored of each other, that it doesn't matter.

With all the boys on the farm, it's only natural that Dayton should try them. He gets his chance when sexy-as-all-get-out Zach Alexander, lean and toned, but with hair in all the right places, is on a bench, a gag on his mouth and his balls tied to a saddle. Over comes leather-clad Dayton, who naturally focuses on Zach's hefty dick, which even semi-hard is quite a sight. His red balls look like they have been squeezed for days. Off comes the gag and the guys kiss before Dayton heads down to the dick again and sucks. It's not an easy position, given that Zach's balls are still being tugged away from his body, but Zach doesn't have it any easier when he blows Dayton because his arms are still tied behind his back. Zach's acrobatic body makes it work. In this scene, though Dayton is supposed to be the man in charge, the scene stealer is definitely Zach. He seems to be enjoying himself so much and his body looks divine in the sunlight. He gulps down Dayton in strong deep-throating motions, then offering his ass
up to Dayton. The fuzzy bum takes one finger easily and two still seem insulting. Dayton's rimjob is more of a tongue tickle than a tongue-fuck. As proof that two men can fit together in a saddle, Dayton fucks Zach right there. Zach backs up to meet every thrust Dayton gives him, giving the fuck a sturdy slapping air. Zach then bends over the bench and really gives Dayton full access to the depths of his hole (which could probably take another few inches). With both guys still in their boots, Zach gets fucked on his back, with Dayton power drilling down into him. Zach creams on his furry clenched abs and then Dayton pulls out to finish quickly.
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