Competitive Endurance Tickling - Pack 1

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DescriptionCompetitive Endurance Tickling. No sex, no nudity.
Just Adidas-wear, restraints, and tons of athletic guys tickling for prolonged periods of time.

They act as "teams" to tickle the restrained challenger, often 4-or-5-against-1.
Tickling fetish, Adidas/gear/jock fetish, all are male athletic young 18-25 y.o. bodies and personality.
Again: No sex, no nudity. ***In fact, I don't even think they're ever shirtless.

Most sessions start out as one-on-one tickling, then progressively add more ticklers.
Some sessions simply trade between different ticklers, competing to see who is the best tickler.
A few sessions show POV from the tickler himself.
Occasionally includes before or after interviews.

This is my first torrent. Hope I did it right.
Screenshots included.

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