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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-04-25 |

Taking advantage of star Tiger’s tattooed stripes, the directing duo O’Brian have created a story about a plane crash and a surviving child being raised in the American desert by a wild "desert tiger." Seem preposterous? Wait until you see the acting.

Alas, we don’t indulge in gay porn for thespian-like line readings. What is important is that we have a troop of men having sex with one another. Once you get past all of the ridiculous exposition you will find some hot sex here. Reed is definitely a dependable and recognizable model and you may recognize Tiger himself; most of the others will probably be new to you. The guys run the gamut in the looks department. Some are dark and swarthy and others are blonde and generic. Most of the guys really do enjoy to fuck, which is always a good thing.

The first sex scene features Real and Foxx going at it on a couch. Both guys have that dark and mysterious edge. After a long bout of kissing they suck and sixty-nine paying particular attention to one another’s foreskin. After a bit they fuck like little bunnies.

Next up is title boy Tiger and Banner, a tall fair-haired guy who sports a buzz cut. Tiger is a delicious looking towhead with tiger stripes tattooed in dark ink onto his lithe body. Banner is supposed to be guarding the wild animal/boy but gets angry and decides to rape him instead. It only takes a minute or so for Tiger to respond to Banner’s long hard dick. Tiger sucks his captor but Banner never returns the favor. Instead the animal/boy offers up his perky white butt. After their fuck has ended Tiger escapes.

Reed realizes that Tiger is his missing younger brother (you know, having been raised by the infamous desert tiger). Reed goes off in search of his brother but gets no help from Bond and Lyon. They are already busy making out by a fireplace. Lyon is a compact little man with a hairy chest and a nice uncut cock. Lyon looks similar. They appear to be brothers. After some kissing they suck and fuck.

The last scene is the finale the video has been building to. Tiger is found by Reed, and the two go at it in the desert. Reed explains who he is to Tiger and they celebrate by kissing, sucking one another and then fucking. First Tiger bottoms for his older brother and then Reed switches roles and lets his little brother have a stab at his hole. Tiger shoots a great creamy load on Reed’s great creamy ass. Tiger turns the temperature up a few notches when he leans down and gobbles up his own thick sperm with abandon.

Cast:  Tiger, Dante Foxx, Dillon Lyon, Logan Reed, Sergio Real, Thomas Bond, Troy Banner

Director:  Casey O'Brian, Peter O'Brian

Audio: RealAudio COOK 11025Hz stereo [Output 00 (audio/x-pn-multirate-realaudio logical stream)]
Video: RealVideo 3 240x180 30.00fps 212Kbps [Output 01 (video/x-pn-multirate-realvideo logical stream)]
Running Time:  1:26:07

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