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Gay Wrestling Ken Canada vs Sal Bruno

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DescriptionBg East  Ken Canada vs. Sal Bruno

The happy, hairy Canadian lightweight is a game little fighter willing to take on all comers, regardless of size, experience or propensity for punishment! He's at home in the ring as well as on the mats. A favorite of the fans as well as his fellow wrestlers, he brightens every room he enters. Even heels with the hardest of hearts have a soft-spot for cute Kenny - ask that Leopard guy himself! Ken has more than held his own in matches with some of BGE's best - including guys his size like Jett Larsen and Scottish lad Ian Nesbit and more formidable 'bad guys' like Kid Vicious and TNT. He may not always prevail but he sure as hell always gives it his all.

But this time he's facing not just a big size advantage but an experienced merciless sadist. If Sal's black leather accoutrement isn't a dead give-away of his specialized inclinations, a rude introductory knee to the groin surely sends the Canadian cutie the message. The leatherman goes to work: relentless forearm smashes to the chest and back; knees, punches and thick-booted, heavy soled stomps to his pecs, his thighs, his gut, even his head. Sal's demeanor is all business without a hint of care or compassion for his smaller hapless babyface opponent. Ken screams as he suffers crotch claws, gut-claws, big bearhugs, a mean bone-crunching figure 4 leglock, a suffocating figure 4 head scissors, and one crotch-ripping leg split after another! Sal enjoys this major boy-handling squash, pausing to hump and smother Ken's cute face into his crotch or under his ass, or jam his boot into Ken's white bikini as poor Kenny cries in submission. A "big-guy-squashes-little-guy" classic.
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