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Elder Foster ¬Ė Atonement

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DescriptionIn a pitch dark room inside the Mormon temple, two men in suits watch a naked young man try to prove his worth to them by stretching out his tight hole. Patriarch Smith and President Wilcox are preparing Elder Foster for ordination to the highest order of the priesthood. The young, handsome boy has already done very well. He has been stripped naked, told that he must atone to progress, and then he prepared his hole with his own finger and some consecrated oil. Faced with the Priesthood Stretcher, a wooden bench studded with ever-larger phallic plugs, Elder Foster has obediently sat down onto the first few, despite the pain. The two men observe the boy’s progress with concern. Although he has been promiscuous with many of the boys and men in the mission, he has never had anything like these fat, hard plugs in his ass. Because his hole is not used to these sensations, he clearly starts to struggle half way down the bench. But he’s surprised to find that he simultaneously experiences pleasure along with the pain. He feels both physical pleasure from the tips of the plugs deep inside him, and also pleasure from putting on a sexually-explicit show for these two men. Patriarch Smith does his best to support Elder Foster, jerking the Mormon’s hard cock to keep him aroused. And with his other hand he guides the struggling boy, rubbing his lower back and then gently pushing him down onto each plug as his hole gets progressively more warm and loose. But his hole can only stretch so far. Soon the boy finds the sexual discipline too hard. Embarrassed, Elder Foster admits defeat. He tells the men he can’t make it any further down the bench. There’s a tremor in his voice. Clearly he expects to be punished further. Disappointment at his own failure is his written across his face. Instead, President Wilcox moves from where he has been observing and orders the boy to stand up. At the same time, the man begins to remove his own clothes. What Elder Foster didn’t know is that the Priesthood Stretcher was intended as a preparation fr President Wilcox’s massive tool. And considering the missionary’s high sex drive and his attraction to older men, taking a pounding from Wilcox will hardly be a punishment. And after watching Elder Foster squat on the plugs, and hearing the boy’s pained moans, the President is eager to fuck that hole and make him scream in pleasure. Without further ceremony, the man stuffs his stiff member in Elder Foster, whose ass has been prepared for it — but it’s still a tight fit for this huge cock. President Wilcox fucks him deep, making the boy gasp. Patriarch Smith decides to put Elder Foster’s mouth to good use and guides his own big cock into the boy’s warm mouth. The two men lock eyes as they fuck both of Elder Foster’s holes. All three of them get lost in the intense sexual pleasure of the moment, and their desire for release creeps steadily higher. Elder Foster is out of control, squirming and moaning and rubbing his naked body against the Priesthood Stretcher. He’s desperate for some attention to his dripping cock, and eager for his ass to be filled up with cum. Lucky for him, the President and the Patriarch are there to lend a helping hand.
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