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♺ Hard Brit Lads - Chase Reynolds & Harley Everett

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-06-29 |
Sexy fit new lad Chase Reynolds gets put thru his paces in his very first sex scene, by huge skinhead bodybuilder Harley Everett who totally dominates him throughout, getting him to suck his super thick dick in different positions, working on his tight smooth hole with fingers and spit before giving him a major pounding in three positions.. Strong stuff.. 6 foot 4 bodybuilder Harley and fit new muscle lad Chase Reynolds start off with some passionate kissing and groping, with both sporting hefty bulges in their shiny sports shorts. Harley pulls Chase in to his huge chest, getting him to lick and suck his hard nipples whilst massaging the big hard bulge in his shorts. Harley reaches down to grope Chase, then pulls his shorts down revealing a very hot arse in a red jock strap. Harley pushes Chase to his knees, and he teases Harleys bulge before pulling down his shorts, letting his thick meat spring out. Chase opens his mouth wide to start sucking it, and Harley slides his foreskin up, gettng Chase to play with it with lips and tongue, before pushing his head back down on his dick, getting him to suck it as deep as he can. He talks to Chase as he sucks him, encouraging him, telling him what to do, and fucking his mouth. After some very horny sucking, Harley pulls off the jock and Chase leans back against the sofa, to get sucked by Harley, down on his knees, cock still hard. Harley sucks him slow and deep, but not for too long, as he is keen to get sucked again. On the floor now, Harley lays back with Chase on his side, holding up Harleys bulging meat, he licks the end, getting it really wet, sucking on it, then going deep, with Harley gripping his head firmly and forcing it down, telling him to suck deeper.. Chase struggles a bit, but Harley totally dominates him. Harley gets up and pushes Chase onto all fours, then pulls his butt cheeks apart and spits onto his hole, plenty of spit, then rubs it in before plunging his tongue in. He spits some more, then works the spit in with his fingers, using both hands, really stretching his hole.. strong stuff.. Chase leans against the sofa, legs apart and Harley teases his hole with his dick before pushing it in, slow, deep, all the way, making Chase moan. He starts slow, with deep long strokes, almost pulling all the way out, then starts to speed up, till he is fucking him pretty hard. Harley pulls his dick all the way then shoves it back in again, then back out again, and does this a few times, before getting back to hard fucking. Chase is on his back on the arm of the sofa, Harley standing, holding Chases legs up in the air, he pushes his dick back into that hungry hole, and quickly gets back into strong fucking, sliding it in and out with long strokes. They switch position, and Chase is on his back on the sofa with Harley on his knees now, and the fucking continues hard and deep.. With both lads ready to shoot their loads, Chase leans back to jerk off while Harley fills his mouth and throat with his throbbing dick, then gets him to tug on his balls and suck them hard.. being told what to do seems to do it for Chase, and he starts shooting spunk all over his sweaty abs... and this seems to do it for Harley, who starts pumping out thick heavy streams of jizz over Chases chest.. he keeps working his cock, squeezing out a few more drops as they catch their breath.
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