guybone - Greyson and Trent flip

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DescriptionTrent is busy hanging paddles on racks when Greyson enters the store. It's a matter of seconds before Trent has Greyson taking his shirt off in order to try on the harness. Couple of tugs and snug adjustments later, the two guys are face to face and boner to boner. Greyson notes the empty store and the rest... well, you've seen this before.

Trent tells Greyson he should suck his dick to show his appreciation for the harness tutorial. Greyson doesn't put up much resistance. In fact, he practically falls to his knees in the dressing room, pulling Trent's thick cock from his shorts, plopping it in his mouth. Trent leans against the wall and moans his approval as Greyson slobs his knob. Then it's time to reciprocate. Trent pushes Greyson down on the bench and licks his cock from tip to taint. He deepthroats Greyson's girthy rod and Greyson marvels at his lack of gag reflex. After a nice ball bath from Trent's tongue, Greyson's ass gets a royal rim job. Then, he wants it in him. And he's talking about the dick, not the tongue.

Trent fucks Greyson first, ramming him doggie style in the dressing room. He grabs Greyson's harness from behind and hangs on as he fucks upward into that tight hole. It's no secret Greyson doesn't bottom often, but my God, is he a trooper. You can tell he loves every inch of Trent's hardon inside him.

The guys get out of the dressing room to get some more leg room. Greyson stretches out on the floor and Trent squats over his erection, sliding it slowly and sexily into his eager ass. Then they take turns being in control. When Trent is done riding that cock the way he wants, Greyson takes charge and thrusts fast and furious into his butt. Either way, they're both feeling amazing.

There's some hot doggie against an iron cage, some very sexy missionary with a view to get off to, and they wrap up their fucking back in the dressing room, Trent sitting cozy on Greyson's lap while he takes that hard cock up his hungry. Once the screwing has commenced, both guys are more than ready to shoot their loads. Greyson explodes first, busting his creamy nut up his treasure trail for a horny Trent to see. It does the trick, as Trent follows closely with his own powerful cumshot, spraying his seed across Greyson's chest. The two share a laugh as Greyson thanks Trent for showing him how to correctly wear his harness and that's a wrap. Two sexually satisfied customers. And you make three.
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