Job Wanted - Scene with George Vidanov, Attis, Tamas, Alexander

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DescriptionScene from: JOB WANTED

MODELS: Antonio, Frenky, George Vidanov, Janos Volt, Jonathan Collins, Joshua Scott, Peter, Peter Bizanci, Sandor Sablon, Tamas Eszterhazy

STUDIO: Private
DIRECTOR: Sebastiano Brogi

DESCRIPTION: 'Job Wanted' is the latest movie from Private Man. George Vidanov (star of Private Man #1 'Swordmaster') plays a struggling writer, who's unhappy with his life and the icing on the cake is when he returns home to find his boyfriend, the sexy Deny, fucking Antonio. This is when George decides it's time to change his life, or rather his sex life. He meets a rich, muscle bound stud, who introduces him to the pleasures of the cock, or should that be cocks!

Country:  Hungary
Length: 1 hr 38 min
Year: 2002
A.K.A.: Private Man 04

SCENE DESCRIPTION: A week later the “slutty professor” entertains two potential investors, Tamas and Alexander (aka Sandor Sablon), who sample the potion offered by now full-time assistant Vidanov. Of course it hits straight away and big uncut cocks come sproing-ing from trousers. Tamas, as Mr. Woodcock, is approached by Attis: “Is it true what they say about your cock?” he asks slyly. (What - that it’s really made of wood? You’d get splinters!) Vidanov is already going to town on muscular Alexander’s suckstick whilst Attis checks out Tamas’s “investor’s portfolio”.

Attis fucks Tamas whilst Vidanov straddles his colleague and IÂ’m thinking the emotion-potion must be a close relation to those parasites in David CronenbergÂ’s Shivers. Vidanov is dripping with sweat as he rides the stallion beneath him for all itÂ’s worth, his massive cock staying granite-hard throughout. When they all finally cum, we can see that two investors are gonna make the duo rich beyond the dreams of avarice.
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