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rear admiral 3

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DescriptionGage says he ain't doing no gay shit. Spencer doesn't give up that easy though. You can tell what's on Spencer's mind. As soon as the cocks are out and hard, all eyes are wandering. Gage isn't immune to a little sneak-a-peek. He's getting in his glances. It isn't long before Spencer has him convinced to let him stroke his cock. Spencer grabs hold and it's on. Gage admits that it's not that bad and in not time flat, he's grabbing Spencer's cock and jerking it in return as he strokes himself.
Things continue to progress and Spencer has him talked into getting his cock sucked as he hesitates a little at first. Spencer gives him a nice taste of what it's like then backs off and asks for the favor to be returned. In short order, Gage is sucking Spencer's cock as his own hard cock flops in the breeze. Gage must have watched a lot of blowjob scenes because he's perfected the art of sucking cock. This doesn't look like a newbie to me.
The boys break off into jerking themselves and Gage watches Spencer's cock, intently waiting on the cumshot. Just as Spencer is about to cum, Gage grabs his cock and strokes the load out for him as his eyes stay glued to Spencer's cock, he watches as it shoots and strokes himself in unison.
Gio and Randy team up with Spencer and Gage and what unfolds is pure satisfaction. Spencer starts out sucking Randy's huge, hard cock while Gage feeds Gio his cock. Gio is a quick learner as he deep throats Gage's hard cock all the way to the balls. Meanwhile, Randy is enjoying the lesson that Spencer is giving his cock as he gives those beautiful 'O' faces. Gage switches up and starts sucking Gio's hard cock as things keep moving forward. Gio is fucking Gage's face, thrusting his cock in and out of his mouth like a piston. Gage is staying with the beat and taking it down good. Gio is enjoying the ride. Gage is making what we call love to that cock.
Later Spencer fucks Gio hard as Gio strokes himself. It isn't long before he's blowing his huge load all over himself as Spencer plows him hard. Gio milks the cum from his cock as his legs shake and Spencer keeps plowing. Gage is still sucking Randy and Randy is really liking it, but Randy wants more than just a blowjob. It takes Randy a couple of minutes to work that big, fat cock into Gage's tight ass, but once it's in, he's fucking him hard. He's fucking it hard and slapping Gage's ass all the while talking shit to Gage as he manhandles his ass. Meanwhile, Spencer has worked himself up a huge load and he blows it all over Gio's face as Gio encourages him to shoot it in his face. Spencer slaps his cock all over Gio's face, rubbing the load all around as Gio puckers his cum-covered lips and opens his mouth to taste Spencer's load.
Meanwhile, Randy turns Gage over on his back and fucks him good and hard for awhile as Gage strokes his own cock. Randy is pumping hard and it isn't long before Gage is raging a nice hard cock as he strokes it harder and harder and shoots a huge load all over himself as Randy keeps pounding faster, harder, deeper. Randy pulls out and delivers an impressive load to mix in with Gage's hot jizz, shooting Gage in the neck and face and splattering cum all over him. This was one hell of a load. Gage reaches up and grabs the big cock and squeezes the last drop out. "
Country:  US
Length: 1 hr 33 min
Year: 2008
Studio :  Active Duty

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