Romeo's Distracted Hand Job

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Sometimes old men forget just how desperate young men can be
to cum.  Rich has straight cutie Romeo tied up for an edging, but
he's more attentive to his text messages than the hard cock in his
hand.  Poor Romeo has to settle for the distracted, inconsistent
strokes Rich has to offer.  He isn't even looking at Romeo, he's so
dismissive to the young man, unconcerned about his frustration
and agony as he gasps, pants, wiggles, whines and begs.  Romeo
is young and hypersexual, his reactions are so pathetic as he
endures Rich's slow torment.  When Rich does take him over the
edge Romeo explodes in an intense orgasm.  This is Romeo's best
performance yet by far.

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2015-09-16 22:18:41
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