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Original upload: 2013-11-01 |
During Lucas' visit with us up in the mountains we took the night off to hang out, drink a little (okay, a lot) and get to know this young Texas stud a bit better. Well, by the wee hours of the morning Lucas was in rare form. Totally enthralled with the surroundings and with a pumped up ego (we kept telling him how hot he was..which is true) Lucas let it all hang out and invited us to watch him take a shower. We were all about it and so was our camera which followed Lucas as we quickly locked the door behind us. Being alone and totally turned on, Lucas gave Jay a pretty special treat that he's not bound to forget anytime soon. Enjoy this candid and steaming hot flick...still makes us hard thinking about it!
2021-11-25 09:40:24
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