Falcon Dirt Bikes

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DescriptionSome fierce interracial pre-condom fucking and cum-spilling for you fans, coupled with shady threeways, dreamy abduction fantasies, and tearoom pickups.
-Mr. Powerbar

From the press notes:
"FUCK TRUCK: A couple horny good ole boys, out for a Sunday ride in their pickup, snatch young shitkicker "Luke" from the country roadside and speed off to a deserted farm. They subject the blond to two of the meanest dicks in the county, for a wham bam fuck 'n suck session on the flatbed of that "Fuck Truck."

TOILET TRAINING: A handsome businessman gives some expert "toilet training" to two young, cock-hungry dudes who encounter him in a public men's room. These toilet-trainees really get worked over by his stud meat and there's lots of cum pudding on the linoleum by the time all the loads are unloaded.

USE ME: Ever fantasize having that monster dick of Blueboy's Steve York? Well, allow yourself to experience his genuine foot of fucktool with the young co-star of this popular release. York materializes out of a daydream and proves, once and for all, that, yes, his supercock really is that big. What's more, it works, too.

HOT COALS: A couple of cruising big-dicked rednecks spot a very goodlooking young black hitchhiker and force him into their pickup. At an abandoned ranch site these fuck hungry men man-handle the hapless victim with their combined 20" inches of hard studmeat. He resists all the way and is left sweaty and cum-soaked in the dust kicked up by their vanishing truck.

DIRT BIKES: A pair of bikers are sweaty and sex-revved when they drop in on a buddy for a beer cool-off. But before you can say, "Make mine a Bud," the three of them are sweating up a storm of hot, fast, down 'n dirty sex under the sun. And the blond host craves every inch of those deep plunging, piston-pumping, thick, long biker dicks!"
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