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Elder Isaacs and Elder Larsen - Priesthood Prep Part 2

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DescriptionElder Larsen knows that joining the Order won’t be easy, but he’s never wanted anything more in his life.

When he and his companion Elder Isaacs show up in the council room of Mormonism’s most secret inner circle, neither of them have no idea what is going to be demanded of them. That said, they’re willing to do anything to join.

Presented with two long benches studded with black knobs, the boys are terrified but also fascinated. The benches look like some kind of medieval torture device. Turns out, however, advancing down the board isn’t so bad. At least not at first.

As the knobs get bigger and bigger, and they work their way down the line, their asses are getting warmer and looser, and they both imagine they’ll be able to make it all the way.

But the last phallic spike is just too big. Although the they both struggle to loosen their holes and take the huge plug, it’s just not possible. Each boy worries that his failure will make him ineligible for the Order.

Luckily for them, conquering the Priesthood Stretcher isn’t necessary. The Priesthood Stretcher is only meant to prepare them to take President Olsen’s giant cock, starting with Elder Larsen.

Before Larsen gets fucked within an inch of his life, he is set loose on Elder Isaac’s ass.
He caresses the other boy’s crack with his thumbs, and is rewarded to hear Isaacs gasp when he brushes against his twitching hole. Leaning forward, Larsen gently spreads his companion’s anus and licks it. He licks it aggressively. Elder Isaacs squirms while his asshole is assaulted.

As Larsen hungrily devours his handsome companion’s butt, he leaves his beautiful backside vulnerable to President Olsen, who is fantasizing about ramming his hard penis into the boy, making the young man whimper as he is impaled on his priesthood leader’s cock.

Imagining how hot it will be to see and feel his substantial shaft sink into the boy’s tight hole, President Olsen massages Elder Larsen’s hole. With his other hand, he fondles the boy’s huge, beautiful, hairless, low-slung balls.

After President Olsen gingerly slips his spit-slicked finger into the boy’s hole, Elder Larsen pushes his ass back onto the man’s finger, eager to show his submissiveness.

Olsen withdraws slowly and inserts again, finger-fucking the boy as he pumps his own huge cock. And he works his finger ever deeper, at last swiping the Mormon boy’s prostate button. Elder Larsen jumps and lets out a moan. With three fingers now in the boy, Olsen knows that he’ll be able to accommodate his cock.

For a priesthood leader, there’s nothing sweeter than seeing his own cock resting between the cheeks of a sweet young missionary’s ass, the boy’s rosebud at the tip of his pulsing dick. President Olsen offers words of encouragement as Elder Larsen takes a break from his companion’s ass and looks back at him with submissive invitation in his eyes.

¬ďThat¬ís my boy. I¬ím going push my cock into your sweet ass and fuck you.¬Ē

The desire is totally reciprocal. Larsen wants that big cock to be buried deep, deep inside of him. And the older man can’t wait to sheathe his dripping cock in his young missionary, to breed the boy according to Mormon tradition. Precum gushes from his heavy cock, lubricating its target.

President Olsen pushes the over-sized mushroom head of his massive cock against the sweet tight hole in front of him. He can feel Elder Larsen loosening. Then, just a little more pressure and the head of his cock slips inside the first ring. Both of them gasp at the sensation. The missionary has been fucked before, but never by such a big dick.

With his missionary-piercing cock now tight in the boy’s rectum, President Olsen pushes deeper into the boy, thrilling at the sensation of Larsen’s hole as it spasms around his girth. The president presses inch after inch into the boy, too lost in his lust to hear Larsen’s labored breathing, until finally he is pressed up against the boy’s buttocks, fully buried in his younger partner.

His pubic bone pressing up against Elder Larsen’s ass, their testicles touching, Olsen gently humps him. He can feel his precum flowing through his shaft and oozing from his dick directly into the young man.

After a moment he draws out and thrusts back in. The friction created by Larsen’s tight hole is exquisite. Olsen breathes deeply, and then, fucks the boy.

¬ďHow is it, Elder Larsen. Do you like my cock in your ass?¬Ē Larsen¬ís eyebrows are furrowed in concentration, but he nods.

Soon Olsen is fucking Larsen with long strokes at a punishing tempo. He knows he can’t last very long. He grabs the boy’s hips and moans as he repeatedly sinks all 9 inches deeply into the boy’s ass.

The goal is not to breed Elder Larsen or Elder Isaacs. So, recognizing that he was getting close to filling up the boy with his cum, he pulls out so he could save the breeding event for Larsen’s ordination. As he surrenders to his orgasm, Olsen’s cock swells and jism rips through his dick, spurting from the tip and flying 15 feet through the air, over the two boys and landing on President Woodruff’s chest and arm.

As the waves of orgasm start to subside, President Olsen re-sheathes his hard but spent cock in Elder Larsen’s waiting ass, pushing the boy over the edge. As Larsen’s balls fire and he explodes onto the priesthood stretcher in front of him, President Olsen enjoys the feel of Larsen’s muscles ripple around his dick as his own cock continues to pulsate deep inside the boy.

Cumming in a missionary boy’s ass is an amazing experience, and generally reserved for the pinnacle event of a Mormon boy’s entrance into the Order—his ordination ceremony. But as President Olsen looks down and sees his pubes up against Elder Larsen’s smooth butt with his cock once again buried deep in him, he realizes that his cock isn’t done, and it is in fact steadily filling the boy with cum.

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