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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-07-30 |
Blain and Beau are two hotties who I have over to play one of my favorite games, Gay Chicken! They’re both beefy studs but I think you’ll agree Beau is a gorgeous hunk who lives up to his name – he’s just beautiful. Actually I can’t decide they both have the same masculine ‘fratboy next-door’ look that’s guaranteed to send you over the edge.

The game starts out innocently enough, with the two of them jerking off next to each other on my couch. The first round is kissing. I explain the rules to them, and they start edging closer… neither one of them is chicken and damned if I don’t think they’re actually looking forward to pushing their boundaries a little bit. But they are in fact totally straight…neither one of them pops wood when they get a little tongue action, whereas I dare any one of you to kiss one of these guys and not bust a woodrow. One of these guys can’t hang, find out who wins and watch the loser make up for it by busting a huge nut! Enjoy

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