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Tony Capucci Collection

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DescriptionWhen you get a guy as hot as Tony Capucci in front of your camera you need to make sure the lens doesn't melt! This Italian stud personifies the word sexy. There is not an inch of this guy that you wouldn't want to lick if given the chance. He's from the east coast and flew out here for this shoot, but LA seemed to really appeal to him. We went out to the clubs and it was obvious that he really appealed to LA as well. All eyes were on him from the moment we walked into the club. He loves to party and had the best time. I knew he was going to do a great job by the way he just soaked up all the admiration he was getting. This guy loves his body and loves to be looked at. He's so sexual and I'm sure he left a trail of hardons through the club as we made our way out the door. All of this heat translated well to the camera. He looks so hot in this video and when unleashes that beast between his legs and stars working it you can't help but be mesmerized. It's a real handful and he works it like he's playing a finely tuned instrument. There is such a look of passion on his face as his balls bounce up and down under his mammoth cock. He brings himself right up to the brink and then backs off, looking you right in the eye as if to dare you to follow his lead. He knows you're getting off on watching him and he's eating it up. If you're not already spent by the time his cock erupts with a nice healthy load all over his tight abs then you'll have no choice than to shoot along with him, he's just that hot.

23 video and pics...

Cockyboys-Tony Capucci & Alex Vara__MP4-189 MB-1280X720
Cockyboys-Tony Capucci & Jimmy Clay__MP4-128 MB-800X450
CockyBoys-Tony Capucci and Christian Owen__WMV-176 MB-720X480
Cockyboys-Tony Capucci and Jason White__MP4-242 MB-1280X720
Cockyboys-Tony Capucci Returns__MP4-89,8 MB-1280X720
Falcon - Roughin It Scene__AVI-372 MB-720x480 (AR 109:60)
Falcon Afterparty Scene__AVI-222 MB-640X360
Falcon Best Men  Part 1  The Bachlor Party Scene__AVI-289 MB-688X384
Falcon Best Men Part 2 The Wedding Party Scene__AVI-250 MB-720X410
JackCruise-Tony Capucci and Jake__WMV-259 MB-640X480
JackCruise-Tony Capucci Massage__WMV-258 MB-640X480
JackCruise-Tony Capucci Serviced__WMV-280 MB-640X480
JackCruise-Tony Capucci Solo__WMV-153 MB-640X480
Mikehancock-Blowing Tony Capucci__FLV-19,8 MB-640X480
Mikehancock-Tony Massage__FLV-85,5 MB-528X400
Playgirl-Tony Capucci BTS__MP4X197 MB-720X480
Randy Blue - Tony Capucci & Blake Riley__WMV-148 MB-640X480
Randy Blue- Tony Capucci & Derek Diamond__MP4-270 MB-640X480
Randy Blue- Tony Capucci Solo__WMV-115 MB-640X480
Randy Blue-Tony Capucci Live__WMV-437 MB-640X480
SG4GE-Tony Capucci__MP4-108 MB-624X480
Straightfraternity-ANTONIO aka Tony Capucci Secret Camera & Jacking Off__MOV-112 MB-640X480
Straightfraternity-ANTONIO'S BACK! Only This Time I Give Him Head__MOV-117 MB-640X480

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