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Gay Wrestling Skrapper vs Dev Michaels

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DescriptionWe last saw Dev Michaels defending the honor and ego of his good buddy Z-Man by mopping the ring with Tyrell Tomsen in Wrestle Revenge. While that match was no walk in the park, he has proved that he is a prominent and pre-eminent fixture on the current BG East roster, whether in the ring, on the mats or in a hotel room! Today he struts in from poolside, a bit hung over after partying all night. In sunglasses and tiger-print spandex, the man could pass for stone-age screen idol Rock Quarry on The Flintstones. Skrapper’s presence hardly registers with him. Self absorbed, he gives the slim but athletic young man a quick once-over and assumes Skrap is here to clean the mats! Skrapper would be intimidated, but he broke his cherry at BG East facing big, brawny guys like Brook Stetson and Mitch Colby. He’s got twice the mat experience as his big, buff opponent, and a reputation for knowing no fear. Dev’s cannonball biceps are plenty awesome, to be sure, but Skrapper scoffs, in his velvety baritone: “Those real? You sure you’re not gonna pop?”

Like a true grappler, Skrapper is ever ready to prove his meddle against bigger opponents. Dev removes his glasses, the better to cast a derisive glance at Skrapper’s lean but athletic body. He asks him if he’s the new towel boy. You can almost see the hackles rise on the back of Skrapper’s neck, but Skrap just licks his lip and glares at Dev, his bedroom eyes gone steely. The two men begin to wrestle, amatuer style, tying themselves together in a feverish knot, but then, as tempers ignite, the action intensifies and turns violent. Punches get thrown, and bodies get slammed. After Dev overpowers the young man and pins him, he asks, with a mocking smirk, “You warmed up yet?” Oh my….

Skrapper slips on a kneepad during a break in the action. Dev gloats, taking the protective padding for a sign of weakness. “Better get a helmet,” he says, rolling and tightening his massive shoulders. Skrapper attaches himself like a barnacle to Dev’s head and drags the lug down to his knees. He scissors the man’s head between his thighs and drives punch after punch to Dev’s thick, meaty lats. Dev’s sunburnt skin blanches then flushes with each blow. The kid’s a bigger challenge than Dev expected. Dev powers out and, his pride hurt, threatens to send Skrapper to the ER. He targets Skrapper’s infirm knee, and he’s slow to release a brutal leglock even after Skrap submits. When at last he loosens the hold, he rears back and smashes the tender kneecap with the heel of his foot.

From the beginning, BG East’s Catch Weight series has paired opponents belonging to dramatically different weight classes: big, brawny men like Dev Michaels against lighter, wirier guys like Skrapper. In the previous number of the series, Dev faced a fellow newcomer, Lucky Loko, a wild long-haired tattooed pro punk with loads of fighting heart. It was an amazing match, where, unluckily for “Lucky,” fighting heart was just not enough to stop Dev’s crushing muscle. Skrapper got his start in the series, with two unforgettable matches that put him through the crucible of Mitch Colby and Brook Stetson and earned him the fans’ respect and admiration for never backing down. To say that Skrapper is tough and has heart is a gross understatement. Skrapper has more experience at BG East than Dev, but then Dev has a 55-pound advantage, which counts for something, too.

Dev devotes that advantage to the task of smashing Skrapper at every turn, zeroing in on the challenger’s most vulnerable spot: his knee. He dismisses the fighter as an “amateur,” but even he is amazed that Skrapper won’t roll over and play dead for him. Skrapper knows he’s going to have to use his head to counter this big bruiser, if possible by using the brute’s hair-trigger temper against him. Perhaps he’s lulling Dev into a false sense of security, letting himself be tossed around like a rag doll, only to spring into action after Dev’s energy is spent. At one point, Skrapper looks like a goner, stretched out on the mat, sweating, his stomach heaving up and down as he gasps for air. Yet his brain ticks through a short list of possible next moves, and in a flash he kicks up, smacking his heel to Dev’s face and springing to his feet, hair-triggered ready to attack.

In a surprisingly aggressive turn, Skrapper locks Dev into a headscissors, a trademark and effective Skrapper finisher. He strips the trunks off the muscle man who dubs himself “champ,” revealing a bulging red-white-and-blue jockstrap underneath. Skrapper uses the trunks to choke his big opponent, keeping his head trapped between his lean but powerful thighs. The humiliation is stinging, and Dev retaliates, finally thrusting free, snatching off Skrapper’s trunks, and roaring bitterly, “This is a joke!” The question is whether this is more of Skrapper’s mind games, or has Skrapper outsmarted himself and crossed a line he soon will regret? Like always, the drama of BG East’s Catch Weight series hinges on the battle between brain and brawn, mind against matter, and wit against weight. It’s a sexy stunner of a match where Big Dev is sorely challenged and where our Skrapper graduates from boy to man. You’ll want to see this tough, pulse-racing fight to the finish.
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