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BG East Wrestling - Jake Jenkins vs Flash LaCash & Jake Jenins vs Guido Genatto bundle

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DescriptionFlash LaCash

"I'll make you humble!"

Flash LaCash has wrestled just once before for BG East, but he's anything but a rookie. Looking like a beautiful, bronzed circus strongman, the mustachioed muscleman is a seasoned indy pro wrestler who has forgotten more about hurting an opponent than most guys will ever learn. Still, it takes balls to stare across the ring at one of the most prolific and popular wrestlers in the business and smirk, "What, are you one of the new guys around here?"

Jake Jenkins is most definitely not a new guy. Voted the Best Babyface two years running, it's little wonder this barefoot beauty makes BG East fans drool like Pavlov's dog. He's devastatingly handsome and as fantastically fit as ever, packing that hot, athletic ass tightly inside American flag trunks. Jake has proven how dangerous his amateur wrestling and MMA backgrounds make him by bullying opponents much bigger than he is with incredible speed, stunning strength, and astonishing flexibility. But despite an unstoppable string of victories on the mat, success in the ring has eluded our fan favorite Best Babyface, and the one thing standing between him and scoring that first notch in the win column is a ballsy, bronzed powerhouse with a mustache and a bad attitude.

"Well, you look like one of the old guys!" young Jake snaps back, demonstrating he's got balls, too. Staring up at his opponent standing 4 inches taller and 45 pounds heavier, perhaps exercising discretion might have been the better part of valor. But inciting bigger opponents into a fit of rage is straight out of Jake's playbook, as the master tactician remains cold as ice and steady as a rock. Unintimidated. And why should he be? He's faced BG East's meanest ringstars from Jonny Firestorm to Guido Genatto and survived.

Then again, poking big Flash with a stick may be considerably more than Jake bargained for. A savage kick to the gut drops the star-spangled babyface like a sack of potatoes. Hoisted effortlessly up into the pro heel's massive arms, Jake is little more than a practice dummy for Flash to parade around the ring and slam repeatedly to the mat. The sexy strongman sets laser sights on picking apart his smaller opponent, starting with the back.

Trapped in the corner, he softens up Jake's lower lumbar with shoulder blocks and knee strikes. Dragging the handsome young stud around the ring by the back of his trunks, Flash slams Jake's award winning face savagely into the mat before snapping him quickly up into a camel clutch. "I'll make you humble!" the pro heel promises...

Guido Genatto


Guido Genatto has hit BG East like a category-5 tornado, leaving a wake of destruction everywhere he lands. The company's Great Hairy Heel spot has been vacant for too long in the absence of the legendary Brooklyn Bodywrecker. Guido has a different vibe than the Wrecker, crazier, coarser, more cataclysmic than methodical, but he's determined to fill the bill, and, boy oh boy, does he! Genatto is the most amazing brute ever to appear at BGE.

While not exactly pin-up material, Guido still has loads of sex appeal, steeped in psychosis, macho masculinity at its muskiest, and a keen intuition for sadistic head games. Now BG East gives him his juiciest opponent morsel yet: Jake Jenkins, not only beautiful but also strong and competent on the mat as well as in the ring. Having trounced Flash LaCash and Kip Sorell in a furious hail of hard chops and sadistic mangling, Guido now faces pretty-boy Jake, whose own fighting chops are nothing to sniff at.

Jake has manhandled some of BGE's toughest competition over the years, not always coming out on top, but always bringing a hard fight. Jake might be Guido's toughest challenge yet. But, that said, we can't think of a single person in the company who has money on Jake in this fight. Right now, it's even odds on whether Jenks comes out of it with kneecaps! Warming up in baby-blue trunks and white boots, Jake looks splendid, in tiptop shape and every bit the Prince Charming we have adored over the years.

Guido enters the ring, more laid-back and affable than we've ever seen him. He warmly greets Jake with an innocuous "Hey, how are you? Working out?" He urges Jake to repeat one of his practice moves, then ... smashes his gut with the sole of his size-12 boot!

Enough chitchat. Time for pain. He snapmares Jake to the mat, then clutches the chin, whips the head back to his hairy chest, and hooks his fingers into Jenkins' nostrils and stretches them back too. Jake kicks and moans, pulling at Guido's hands to get loose. Jakes suffering is palpable and visceral. Jake's hurting and he's angry!

Once he frees himself from this particularly nasty bit of abuse, Jake leaps back to his feet, a fiercely determined look on his face, dead serious and defiant. Guido is unimpressed and just looks at him with a bemused, quizzical expression on his face. Them without thinking twice about it, Guido just tosses the pretty boy over his shoulders and commences the agonizing process of racking and snapping the dark-haired challenger's vertebrae apart, bone by bone, even hunkering down so as to amplify the pressure. Virtually on the edge of tears, Jake Jenkins screams and screams and screams.

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