China-STRAGGLERS BIRDS-Young Man repays uncle with his body

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Story is quite simple.
Jobless straight youth struggling to find job. Met kind uncle who gave him food and shelter but secretly in love with him.
Uncle made his move one night but was rebuffed.Young man wanted to split but uncle convinced him to stay.

Uncle's sister visited and she chased him out. Uncle again persuaded him to return.They had happy times together. Uncle celebrates young man's birthday.They sang and danced. Finally that night, he gave his body to uncle in gratitude.
Sister visited again and young man showed their homo affections in front of her. She angrily wanted to sever ties with uncle. Then she tried to arrange a date for him to turn uncle straight. Young man saw and angrily left him with all his money. He met a waitress and lived with her on his money. But he was a selfish person and never loved her. Soon he spend all the money and she left him.

He had to look for a job and worked at construction. When he earned enough money, he bought a cake for uncle's birthday and went to look for him. Unfortunately, uncle saw him on the road and uncle was killed in the road accident when he wanted to turn around.He took his body home to celebrate uncle's birthday and marry him in ghost marriage.( Typical Chinese gay stories always end in tragedy to earn sentimental points.)
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