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God hates fags. That’s the age-old proverb, right? It is the eternal mantra that enables heterosexist and homophobic individuals to affirm discrimination and/or commit hate crimes against members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community; one fueled by the belief that their hatred is not only sanctioned by God, but inspired by Him. While most theologians and faith-oriented laypersons do not endorse the extremism of the Westboro Baptist Church, that same quintessential fear, hatred and paranoia of non-heterosexuals as expressed by said organization is often the backbone of actions taken by members of the Religious Right across varying denominations of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Nightcrawler comics (001 - 012) (2004-2006) complete

No fictional character has felt the sting of religious bigotry more than Marvel Comic’s Kurt Wagner (codenamed Nightcrawler), a devout Catholic who has nonetheless faced persecution by members of his own faith as well as society at large. The superficial aversion to the pious and heroic Nightcrawler because of his seemingly demonic appearance is no different than the demonization of homosexuality and the persecution of LGBT people based upon their sexual orientation or gender identity (for more details, please read the info included)

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xtra-info (English, PDF): Skyler, J. - Nightcrawler and the demonization of homosexuality
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