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Falcon Locker Jocks Full 4 Hour Film mp4

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Description"Locker Jocks: Falcon Four Hours features four hours of locker-room action featuring the men of Falcon. Demanding coaches, team sports and all the hardcore plays these sportsmen have to offer!

Scene One - from Jockstrapped featuring Chad Donovan, Joshua Sterling and Sky Thompson

Cleaning up the locker room after a game, Chad Donovan finds stud Joshua Sterling's jockstrap. He picks it up and begins to sniff his manly scent. Horny and charged up, he begins to stroke his cock, making it hard and swollen enough for him to suck the mushroom head into his own mouth. Suddenly Joshua and Sky Thompson walk in. More than happy to join Chad in some frisky sexplay the two studs kneel before him and alternate sucking and licking his huge cock. Soon Joshua and Sky straddle a bench, their asses pressed together. Chad fingers their hot holes, licking and teasing them. While Sky swallows Joshua's cock, Chad starts to fuck the blond hunk from behind. The action is nonstop with Joshua rubbing his hot groin against the bristle of Sky's crewcut. Joshua and Chad switch places and continue their heavy assault on Sky. Grunting with satisfaction the three studs take turns spurting thick streams of cum.

Scene Two - from The Big Score featuring Dean Johnson, Mac Reynolds and Scott Ryder

Big jock Mac Reynolds muscles his way into the locker room where Dean Johnson and Scott Ryder have just finished an erotic scrimmage. Before long he's sliding his thick cock deep in Dean's ass, fucking him relentlessly as Dean keeps a vacuum on Scott Ryder's thick prick. Dean never takes his mouth off Scott's cock until all three teammates are pumping out their thick loads.

Scene Three - from The Coach's Boys featuring Scott Hardman, Steve Maverick, Damien and Scott Davis

Something's gotta give. The coach is just being too demanding, so Wes, Zak and the team decide to take the offensive. You won't want to miss one moment of the action as Damien (a player from the rival team) uses the Coach Hardman's unfettered libido to lure him into a lusty trap where studs Steve Maverick and Scott Davis give the coach the kind of workout any sportsman would appreciate.

Scene Four - from Spring Training featuring Bull Matthews, Scott Avery and Tad Brady

Back at school students Scott Avery and Tad Brady are having fun sucking each others dicks when they are caught in the act by coach Bull Matthews. Coach lets them know who is in charge and soon has them both lined up and bent over for him. Being the good students that they are, Scott and Tad do as told.

Scene Five - from The Freshmen featuring Tom Chase, Mike Branson, Tony Idol and Chris Berrara

Coaches Tom Chase and Mike Branson help injured player Tony Idol into the locker room. Erotic exercise is the best medicine for this aching athlete. Tom coaxes Chris Berrara over and the lusty studs begin. The four indulge themselves in a cock-ball-ass feast, tonguing, fingering, licking, spitting, slobbering over one another, smothering each other in muscles and sweaty sex. Tom eagerly rims Tony's hole while Tony swallows Mike's engorged dick. One by one this horny quartet work themselves into a frenzy and shoot their loads.

Scene Six - from New Pledgemaster featuring Ken Ryker, Alec Powers and David Logan

Pledgemaster Ken Ryker and his cohort David Logan double team Alec Powers as they take turns terrorizing the young pledge. They whoop him across the ass with a ceremonial paddle; force him to suck their dicks, rim their tight asscracks, and eventually open wide so Ken can slide his thick tool in his flushed asshole.

Scene Seven - from Steal the Night featuring Matt Skyler, Dale Summer, Marco Antonio and Nino Bacci

Houseboy Matt Skyler's been stealing dildos and he's about to pay the price. After a few minutes of pleasuring himself with a huge contraband tool, Matt is caught in the act by manager Dale Summer and guests Marco Antonio and Nino Bacci. Alarmed that Matt is using their "stuff," Nino asks what Dale plans to do. Marco has an idea and a sizzling foursome develops. After much oral sex and rimming, the guys finally pair off with Marco fucking Dale then everyone gang banging Matt.

Scene Eight - from The New Coach featuring Kevin Miles, Rod Barry, Raphael Perez and Aaron Wilde

Players Rod Barry, Raphael Perez and Aaron Wilde grumble about Coach Miles riding them hard during practice when suddenly Kevin walks in and apologizes: the principal's been on him to push the team and produce. Willling to prove he's a team player, Kevin pulls out his "peace pipe" and soon all four are going at it hot and fierce. Raphael and Aaron begin by sucking Kevin's and Rod's cocks. Aaron works his tongue around Rod's uncut prick, savoring the taste of the meaty foreskin. The four studs suck and rim and kiss, playing each other into a sweaty frenzy. Aaron lays back on the bench and sucks Raphael's thick meat as Rod and Kevin poke their fingers into his tight hole. Rod then begins to fuck Aaron from behind as Raphael lays down with Kevin sliding up and down his prick, riding him fast. All four work it hard and in time they come, shooting explosives loads. The new coach proves he's with his team 100%.

Scene Nine - from Up for Grabs featuring Colby Taylor and Zak Taylor

After Colby Taylor wins his basketball match with Zak Taylor, they go back to their apartment where Colby shoves his face onto Zak's pole, sucking on his prize. Colby offers his cock to Zak's hungry mouth, and while his dick is sliding down Zak's throat, Colby works his fingers in Zak's ass. Colby plows Zak's ass, then flips Zak over and sits on his buddy's raging hard-on. Finally Colby gives Zak a good pounding until he empties a massive load.

Scene Ten - from Private Workout featuring Michael White and Rappolo

Rappolo is working out when he pulls a muscle in his neck. Michael White comes in while Rappolo is dealing with his discomfort. Michael is not a professional but offers to give a much needed massage to Rappolo. Rappolo agrees and Michael gets to work. Michael is rebuffed the first few times that he tries to make the massage more exciting, but finally Rappolo tells him to lock the door. Soon Rappolo is on the bench press in nothing but his jock strap. Michael starts teasing Rappolo's ass with his finger and the jock strap is soon off. Rappolo's neck is feeling much better now and he can take Michael's dick in both his holes.

Scene Eleven - from Longshot featuring Joel Drake and Trent Stone

After his shower, jock Joel Drake finds a jockstrapped Trent Stone jerking off in the locker room. Joel can't resist giving Trent a hand, and soon he's dropped his towel and settled down to sucking Trent's cock. Trent loves the attention and can't resist the urge to return the favor...dropping to his knees and taking Joel's cock deep in his throat...devotedly sucking that thick bat. When Trent has worked Joel's cock up to full mast, he lets Joel spread his legs and rim his hole...warming and opening him up just enough for any easy slide in. Before long, Joel is pumping his cock deep in Trent's hungry hole...fucking the boy into a frenzy of lust. The intensity increases as the two studs work themselves off in streaming showers of cum.

Scene Twelve - from Flex featuring Tyler Marks, Pete Ross, Jason Spear and Jason Kingsley

Engrossed in a hard workout at the gym, Tyler Marks spots Pete Ross while he does squats, and one thing leads to another. Jason Spear and Jason Kingsley, watching from two other machines, whip their dicks out eager to get a piece of the action.

Scene Thirteen - from Down on Me featuring Matt Bradshaw and Marc Duras

Matt Bradshaw and Marc Duras, stripped to their jockstraps, start going at it in the locker room. Matt kneels before Marc, taking his cock in his mouth as he fingers Marc's steamy hole. Marc moans as Matt eats his pole, aching for this hot stud's rod rammed up his ass. Matt licks Marc's asshole until he begs for Matt's big fat meat. Matt plows Marc on all fours until they both explode showering the locker room with their loads."

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