♺ Male Nude by Eloi Biosca

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-10-04 |
Male Nude by Eloi Biosca

Video art - 10 short videos exploring the male nude in the shower and running, on the beach...

"Nude men with beautiful bodies have always fascinated me and attracted my gaze. When you notice over time that an interest continues inalterably, a moment arrives when you understand that you're dealing with a profound personal impulse that, as such, carries within it an energy that should be utilized. In that moment you feel the necessity to allow this anxiety to express itself in some way and see where it leads you. You want to channel it and develop it, perhaps through reflection and creation and then by sharing it with other people.

My videos want to claim the beauty of the male body when it appears completely nude in situations and contexts of everyday life, and especially moving (running, training, taking a shower, undressing, playing at beach, etc). I think these actions and these body's movements generate a great visual stimulus that can cause in the viewer not only aesthetic pleasure but also sensual."

Caralls eixorivits
The title is a Catalan expression that refers to the man's penis in erection. It is contained in a song titled "Ara lausetz, lausetz" written by an anonymous Catalan troubadour in the thirteenth century. The sound track is the music of these song.

Al maig
(In May) The title relates to the twelfth century troubadour song titled, Calenda Maia, whose music the sound track plays. Its meaning is tied to the beginning of May, the time of year when nature becomes lush and sensual and therefore refers to the time of fullness of Spring and the Awakening of love.

Han tal bec vostres gallines?
(Have your hens this beak?) The title is a phrase taken from a Catalan satirical novel written by Francesc de la Via in the fifteenth century entitled "Fra Bernat Book". The author makes an analogy between the man's penis and the peak of the birds when the star presumes, in front of nuns, to have a prominent erection.

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