Jocks Video - "Full Package" (1995)

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Descriptiondirector: John Rutherford

Young blond and sexy Corey Miles has always fantasized about getting fucked by Humongous Brad Stone. But he has the best of all worlds when he picks up dark and dangerous trick Anthony DeMarco…and they fuck and suck with frenetic force. Corey slides his mouth up and down on the big stud and spreads his legs wide, begging for the fucking of his lifetime. After his ass has been opened with some finger fucking he takes the enormous cock up his bubble butt and that’s still not enough. The Brad Stone Supercock comes out of his fuck bag and soon he is being fucked wildly by this huge dildo; moans and groans emanate from his conquered desires. These two men stare into each other’s eyes and the atmosphere becomes electric. With a lightning bolt of energy the men blow their loads.

After 4 years, two hot lovers know how to keep their sex fierce and their desires burning…three-ways and big dildos. Rip Stone, Buck Yeager, and Tony Piagi, with muscles rippling, get down to heavy dick-sucking, ass-eating and non-stop fucking. It is pure ecstasy when one beautiful man is plugged from both end by huge hard cocks, thrusting in and out. These three men fuck like a well-oiled machine, building momentum higher and higher until there is nowhere else to go but to cum with explosive force.

Watching Jocks Studios video “The Big Score” gives Drew Nolan and David Thompson the fantasy of a lifetime. Both of these huge hung and horny insatiable men get so excited by watching this video that they rip each other’s clothes off and go at each other’s massive endowments. As the men 69 each other, their muscular bodies mesh into a mass of well-hewn and rock hard bodies. They eat each other’s asses with ravenous fervor and then they take the plunge…fucking each other…no-holds-barred…rugged and intense, they take each other to the summit and erupt with cascades of cum.

Jocks Studio’s warehouse is a voyeur’s delight. Not just all the hot pictures of incredibly beautiful men, but Shipping and Receiving Manager Tony Vesta himself…when this magnificently strong and sexy man starts to flip through the pages of an “Etienne” magazine, he begins to feel his giant thick uncut cock grow rock hard. He tears off his pants and begins to stroke his dick with ever-heightening pleasure. Working his nipples, he continues to work his dick until he can’t take it any more and finally streams of cum burst from his giant cock.

Another Jocks employee has the best of it at home…his lover, thickly hung Chris Champion. Chris’s giant cock is enough to make anyone gasp. Long and thick, it is perfection! Chris fucks lover Brian Maxx with the energy of a launched missile and both men growl with the elation of hot, sweaty mansex until they become like two animals in savage heat and their balls begin rumbling, churning with the force of cum that soon spurts from their heated powerful cocks.


Anthony DeMarco 
Brian Maxx 
Buck Yeager 
Chris Champion 
Cory Miles 
David Thompson 
Drew Nolan 
Rip Stone 
Tony Piagi 
Tony Vesta

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