♺ MIssion 4 Muscle - Muscle Man Thief Bound and Punished

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Original upload: 2013-01-27 |
Muscle Man Thief Bound

The Masked Muscle Man is VERY angry. He has found the identity of the thief that stole his four wheeler! Todd Parker is at home and lays down to take a nap. The Masked Muscle Man sneaks up on him after he falls asleep and knocks him out. Todd is then tied and handcuffed to the pole. The masked man then rips off his shirt, puts oil on his body and clothes pins on Todd's nipples! He then continues to take out his knife and cut Todd's undewear. Afterwards he FLOGS Todd to teach him a lesson. When Todd's dick is exposed the masked man decided to take it and tie a rope around it AND PULL! Will Todd escape? Come watch and find out. HD QUALITY

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