Plantin’ Seed 3 DVD

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DescriptionFrom a first-time incestuous brother-fuck to a brutal boy-banging, if you're hankerin' to connect with the deep, dark world of mansex, PLANTIN' SEED 3 will take you there.

PLANTIN' SEED 3 features more gut-breeding, hole-pounding piston-fucking action than ever. Our fuck-crew for PS3 features the likes of thick-dicked manrammers BRAD MCGUIRE, DAN FISK, DEREK ANTHONY, JERRY STEARNS, PHOENIX SANCHEZ (and many more). And these guys proudly show off what they do best: plantin' their seed in the holes of insatiable cumholes like jizz-dumps CHRISTIAN, JAY ROSS, TOBER BRANDT, MARK DIXON and newcomer TIM SKYLER.

MARK DIXON is one of those men who was born to be fucked. Everything about him blazes with pure fuck energy--his handsome goofy grin, his big hairy chest, heavy-muscled body, and especially his perfect fuckable ass. He told me that he'd had a life-long fantasy of having that fine ass of his loaded up by a group of horse-hung "blatinos."

I'm always happy to oblige a man's desires. So I put together a lusty latin quartet of studmen--PHOENIX, RAY, MAX, and J.D. These hombres put MARK through his paces, stretching his ass to new limits. They fucked MARK hard, squirted their big loads up his ass, and then slurped up the cummy mess.

BRAD MCGUIRE is a tried and true dominant cocksman, and usually he shows some mercy for the bottom who's hungrily taking that super-sized uncut schlong. But the moment he connected with TIM SKYLER, something clicked in BRAD and the cold brutal fucker came out. He just plain bull-fucked this poor kid.

BRAD mercilessly stretched and ruined tiny hole taking his endurance to the limit. Now, the kid's not a total newcomer to being butt-fucked. Even at his tender age (and he's barely legal) he's taken plenty of cock. But this was a major-league daddy-fuck for his peewee ass, and everything about BRAD seemed monstrously huge compared to the diminutive boy.

This boy's been broken in now for his future as a cock-slave.

JAY ROSS had been expressing major desire to take on a couple of our big boys, JERRY STEARNS and, in particular, DEREK ANTHONY. JAY is a quiet easy-going guy in real life. But once he backs his ass up and feels a big ol' cock sliding inside him, his deeper lust-driven side surfaces.

In this scene, with JAY's eyes closed ecstatically, the famous bottom-man moans and gasps rhythmically while the two studmen thoroughly manram him. Feeling these two mega-sized cocks deep-boning him sends JAY into that lost-in-bliss place every bottom dreams about.

Every once in a while--very rarely--I come across a truly fuckin' demonic ass. It seems to have a mind of its own, always hungry for cock, always needin' to be fucked. But irony of ironies: the man who has this particular super-fine crazy-cunt ass is straight, right-wing Republican, a born-again stand-up resident of a polite small NorCal village (He's married, two kids, church-goin'...the whole package---for fuckin' real!).

A straight man saddled with this kind of nymph-hole ass has no choice but to toss it a bone every once in a while. And that's how "HUGO" ended up in my office, offering to get fucked for one of my vids.

I called up DAN FISK, told him that I had a present for him. He came over an hour later and fucked the royal bejeesus out of that hungry straight-man hole.

This is the first time this married man has taken a load up that ass. I think we've whetted it's appetite...I know it'll be back.

These guys knew each other well before they showed up at TIM. They've been fuck-buddies for a coupla years. They've done a few videos for other companies, but always separately.

I told them I wanted to see exactly how they liked to fuck when they were alone. Good, solid, man-satisfying consumation. No acting, no frills. By the fuckin' book.

To be honest, I got off not only on the simple man-to-man connection they feel, but also on the quiet matter-of-fact fucking. When the fucking's perfect, you don't need fireworks.

Mainstreamer TOBER BRANDT contacted us and put in a request to pair up with BRAD MCGUIRE. This is a solid head-on meat-meets-meat situation.

Wildman TOBER is the kind of furry perfect physique that might intimidate a lot of men. But it just brought out the best in Brad.

One caveat here: Tober is known for his unusual choices in haircut. You'll get a dose of that in this scene.

I like fucking that's close, tangled, intense. I like the kind of group-fuck that's dense as a chinese puzzle, so real that when you watch a tape of it you can smell the heat and the pheromones, feel and taste the sperm spurting hot and deep.

So I tossed little STEVE TUCK (with his phenomenal fuckable ass) into the center of a crazy tangle of men. And these guys took advantage of the opportunity to shove their cocks down TUCK's throat, deep-fuck his fine ass, manhandle the little guy every way they could.

I brought back JAMES DOUGLAS for this TUCK-encounter group not just because of his ludicrously big beercan cock or his smooth muscle-daddy physique. I brought him back because of his insatiable redblooded passion for taking advantage of a yougn man's willingness.

ASON SPARKS isn't a dyed-in-the-wool dominant ur-top by any means. But he happened to see one of my vids in which the insatiable CHRISTIAN was getting porked and used by a roomful of men. And JASON had to have some of that ass.

No theatrics here. JASON wanted to fuck CHRISTIAN, pure-and-simple, and CHRISTIAN needed that hard cock up his manhole. At one point JASON pulls out for a second, and CHRISTIAN literally begs him to put it back inside him.

JOE was sent to me by a mutual acquaintance. Straight, broke, angry, he told me in a lengthy interview that he'd be willing to do "just about anything" for the right price. He was all kinds of lost. And when he stripped down naked, he was all kinds of fuckin' hot.

I told him there was one thing I'd like to see, and that was him taking a cock up his ass for the first time. He actually walked out of my office. And then called me back. "If you blindfold me so I don't have to watch. And get me drunk."

I agreed to his conditions and immediately called up DAN FISK. And DAN had the time of his life fucking this "virgin" ass. I told DAN that the guy he was fucking was straight, so DAN really got into telling the guy that he was about to get "Daddy's load" up his ass.

I'm not sure how much of the tension translates to the camera, but it was fuckin' electric while they fucked. DAN got off on force-fucking this angry blindfolded guy. And the guy did, in fact, leave with Daddy's big drippin' load up his tight ivory ass.

I love incest. And once in a while I get the chance to tape real family members having at it. It's rare, but that's because I insist on only featuring it when it's real.

Older bro, CESAR, was just out of stir (for a gang-related killing) when I saw him wandering near City Hall. He had the walk, the muscles and the gang tattoos of a recent ex-con who'd done serious time.

I've never had a problem talking---or doing anything, for that matter---with total strangers. And I finally talked CESAR into jerking off for my camera. Then he mentioned that he had a younger brother living with him in the Tenderloin. I got him to bring the bro in for a solo. Weeks later, I talked them into jerking off next to each other, with some truly interesting results: Alejandro and Cesar.

One thing led to another. Once in a while I seem to be able to get men to do something they've never even thought about doing before. Call it a knack. And this scene is the result.

This is the first time these brothers have ever had sex with each other. It's absolutely unlike the other incest cases TIM has documented in the titles SWALLOW and FUCK HOLES. These two men self-identify as straight. But the older brother was very open about having been made a gang-bitch in prison (with an ass like his, how could that not have happened?). And he bends over like a well-trained prison bitch and takes his younger bro's cock and load.

These are serious cholo gangbangers, with the tatts and the scars and the serious attitude to prove it.

I decided to add on this scorching fuck-scene as a bonus for PLANTIN' SEED 3. BRAD MCGUIRE and JAKE WOOD team up to tag-team MARK DIXON. Some great fucking, some incredible, extended hole-stretching, double-penetration where JAKE and BRAD go to town ramming MARK's manhole.

There's nothing in the world better than men fucking men. It's the ultimate experience, as infinitely variable as it is constantly satisfying. PLANTIN' SEED 3 is the latest of my celebrations---and explorations---of manfucking. If you love mansex, you're gonna love this.

Starring; Christian, Brad McGuire, Jerry Stearns, Derek Anthony, Jay Ross, Dan Fisk, Phoenix Sanchez, Mark Dixon, Tim Skyler, Hugo, Jack Banister, Tober Brandt, Steve Tuck, Jake Wood & many more!

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