♺ Phoenix Rising (Jocks) - Jason Branch

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-10-19 |
Jason Branch to Kyle Becker: "You want me to suck that?," the first line of dialogue in the video. So begins another great video from Jocks.

I don't think I have ever seen a harder cock then the one Becker shoves down Branch's throat -- and Branch loves it. A few moments later Branch is shoving his massive rod down Becker's throat. (It is now twelve minutes into the video and I am already ready to blow my wad) Jason then lays on the floor and eats Kyle's ass, leading into a very hot fuck scene with Becker sitting on Branch's huge cock and Becker stays rock hard. It's beautiful. Becker then flips over and fucks Branch. This is one helluva hot scene. Top it off with great verbal sexual communication, one great cum shot from Branch and two (count 'em two) great white loads from Becker! One has to wonder if this video can get any better. (It does.)

Tristan Paris, Branch's nephew, is left in charge of the groundskeeping while Branch goes into town. Paris invites the three men in for something to drink and then gives them their "new jobs" to take care of. He first wants to see Trace Henson's uncut monster cock, then tells Robert Black to start sucking it. Next, Luc Jarrett is told to join in and moments later Paris himself joins in the fun, tonguing that foreskin like a pro! There is enough cock there for all three! We then see Jarrett's uncut prize, then Paris' throbbing member. Ass licking and finger fucking follow until Henson is shoving his cock into Paris' ass producing two cum shots from him and then exploding all over himself. Luc Jarrett then lets go of a nice load followed by Henson shooting another load and then Paris lets his third creamy load out shooting all over Black! There is enough cum in this scene to make any cum-lovers dreams come true. Can it get better? (Guess what, it does.)

Paris then goes for a walk and encounters David Bradley. A hot man with a huge cock to match. Tristan takes him home and it isn't long before David is pounding Tristan's ass, pulling it all the way out and shoving it back in again and again and again. Without hardly touching himself, Paris shoots his load. Bradley then flips him over doggy-style and fucks him until Paris shoots again. Bradley pulls out, lays down, shoots his wad and Tristan stands up and blows his wad AGAIN a third time. And I ask you, can it get any better? (Unbelievably, it does.)

Paris is blindfolded and taken by Branch into a room where three guys are waiting. Aron Ridge, Mitchell Stack and Jack Simmons, all three; massive, hot, incredible black men. Paris is ordered to get down on his knees and suck these men off. One by one their pants are opened and one by one we see the hottest, biggest black cocks in the industry I think. (I wanted to be Tristan SO bad at this moment!) The blindfold is removed and all three men proceed to lick, suck and spit on Paris' asshole while Branch gives the orders. By this time, all five men are completely naked with raging hardons. Paris begs to be fucked and he gets it -- from all four men! When they aren't pounding his ass hard enough, he is riding their cocks like a cowboy riding a bucking bronco! And WAIT until you see the cum shooting out of their hoses all over Tristan -- wonderful!

Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Starring: Jason Branch, Jack Simmons, Tristan Paris, Robert Black, Aron Ridge, David Bradley, Mitchell Stack, Kyle Becker, Trace Henson, Luc Jarrett

1990, 90minutes

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