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Starring : Rafael Alancar, Jason Harley, Franco Santoro, Matt Van Dorn, Jason Kingsley, Tony Bishop, Trey Casteel, Joey Milano, CJ Madison

Studio 2000's Play On is a pulsating, prick-pumping playpen of primal pleasure. Director-Superstar Chad Donovan, hot off his success with Body Shots, has created another dick-draining drama destined to get you up and off. Naturally, Donovan brings his own visceral vision of cum-soaked copulating to every encounter on view. He is helped immeasurably by a cast comprised of nothing but handsome, hung, horny hunks.

Four of Studio 2000�s most eligible exclusives pant and provocatively preen in Play On. The smoldering Raphael Alencar once again offers up his chiseled chassis and colossal, cream-filled cock. His uncut wanger seems to get larger and more rigid with every appearance. Here, in Play On, it is simply humongous. Adorable Jason Harley always has that naughty twinkle in his eye that announces, to one and all, that his uncut dick and awesome ass are ever-ready. Sultry Franco Santoro�s supersized big bone and his bubblebutt are boldly breathtaking. Blond cupcake Matt Van Dorn has a lanky, boyish bod and a juicy joint. He is never happier then when his hungry hole is penetrated by prodigious prick. He is indeed a dream bottom.

Ultra-masculine, fuzzy-chested, King Kong Cocked Jason Kingsley brings his he-man bravado to everything he does. He is just a magnificent mountain of muscles, meat and machismo. Tony Bishop, so hot in Unzipped, is back again showing off his tattooed tool and amazing bottoming skills. This long and lean brat has a butt that will not quit and an attitude that makes it clear he is up for any combination of cock-play. Trey Casteel is a handsome, brunet hunk with a great ass and a wide woody. This dude tops and bottoms with ease. Joey Milano, with his jet black hair, smooth, muscular body, delicious dick, big balls and beautiful butt is a total cutie. Muscular, tattooed newcomer C.J. Madison is a real guy type who loves to suck dick and fuck ass. Lucky for us he also has a long fat prick which penetrates powerfully.

Play On opens at a gay apartment complex where buddies Jason Harley, Franco Santoro and Trey Casteel are hanging by the pool tanning and gossiping. Santoro takes off to get ready to entertain a couple of guests. Harley saunters over to the edge of the pool where Casteel is floating on an air mattress. He kneels down and begins kissing Casteel. In short order, his swim suit comes down, and his hard hog slides right into Casteel�s open mouth. Casteel is a champion cocksucker and deep-throat artist and gives Harley�s shaved schlong one hell of a hummer. This intense blowjob is lusty, lengthy and expertly lensed. Back on dry land, Harley and Casteel twist and turn in a saucy sixty-nine which shows both to be expert at sucking stick. They are also evenly matched in cock size though Casteel is a bit thicker. After tasting tool, they both turn their attention to rimming rump. Oral appetites appeased, Casteel slams his shooter into Harley�s honey-hole in the doggie position. Casteel�s beefy ass power- plowing Harley is a sight to be appreciated by all lovers of anal action. Harley turns the tables and screws Casteel missionary, slamming in and out with deep-driving strokes. Both studs jerk their jizz all over Casteel�s belly and chest leaving him sticky, spent and smiling.

Back in his room, Santoro is laying down a bright red mat just in time for the arrival of Raphael Alencar and Tony Bishop. No time is wasted here as these three get down to a hyper-active, totally exhausting threeway that will leave you gasping for air. The astounding Alencar, clad in a black jock throughout the scene, and Bishop, a brat with a big bat, feed their man-meat to sexed-up Santoro. Deep-throating is the order of the day as all three guys get into giving and receiving knob-jobs. They are all heroically hung but Alencar clearly wins the prize for biggest donkey-dick. These pals slide into a circular cocksucking combination on the mat and the insatiable Bishop simply cannot get enough tool down his throat. Ass-eating sets the stage for some super serious buttfucking. Alencar crams his club-cock into Santoro�s chute in the doggie position as Santoro continues to rim Bishop. Santoro bones Bishop�s bum as Alencar continues to pound Santoro. This three-man sandwich fuck is performed with such incredible rhythm that you are left feeling like you are watching precision machinery running on over-drive. Bishop�s raunchy rap throughout the relentless ramming is rowdy and rambunctious. Finally, Alencar and Bishop stand and pop their pricks all over Santoro who pulls his own pud to shattering climax. The energy is electrifying, the cum shots copious, and the connection between these three sizzling sexbots is smashing.

Resort guests Matt Van Dorn and C.J. Madison head to their room to get it on. They kiss and undress on the couch. You will be immediately struck by how picture perfect they are together. Beautiful, baby-faced Van Dorn is lean and smooth, his appeal resting squarely in the fact that he is an unquenchable bottom. Madison, on the other hand, is a rugged, tattooed dude with big muscles, and a big boner made for banging butt. They chew on each other�s pecs and Madison pulls down Van Dorn�s pants. He licks and chews on his crotch and stuffs his mouth with Van Dorn�s dick. He feasts on Van Dorn�s smooth-shaven asshole and pauses for a while to let Van Dorn go down on his mushroom-headed hard-on. All this magnificent meat munching gives way to Madison slamming his thick tool up Van Dorn�s gaping hole doggie style. This pounding will cause your prick to protrude. When the position turns to missionary Madison fucks Van Dorn and jerks him off at the same time. Van Dorn moans and groans and squirts off a surplus of sticky stuff. Madison milks his own manjuice all over Van Dorn.

At the bar, piano player Jason Kinglsey and bartender Joey Milano are the only ones left after a long night. Milano sits down at the piano to join Kingsley but the piano playing soon gives way to prick playing. Kingsley is a hunk of a man. He is handsome, muscular, hairy, and hung like a horse. Boyish Milano is muscular but in a much more compact way. They kiss and Kingsley seems to envelop Milano. When Kingsley�s cock is revealed, Milano tries to get it all down his throat. He wildly worships Kingsley�s cock and balls, which Kingsley feeds him with a pent-up passion one has to see to believe. More tongue kissing proceeds Kingsley licking Milano�s chest and then blowing him. Milano has a sleek shaft and a big bag of nuts and Kingsley seems to dig the package. When Kingsley plugs his fat, stiff, uncut prick into Milano�s manpit you can see and almost feel Milano hanging on for the ride of his life. This is a very, very tight fit. Kingsley shows little mercy as he slams every considerable inch of his shooter into Milano and powerfully pumps. The doggie position turns missionary as Kingsley screws the gasping Milano across the bar. All the while, Milano gets more and more into being completely controlled by Kingsley�s cock. Milano jerks off his guy goo and Kingsley creams off all over Milano. The scene is exciting, expert erotica.

Studio 2000 exclusives Raphael Alencar, Jason Harley, Franco Santoro and Matt Van Dorn rise, ram and release with amazing abandon. Play On, by Studio 2000 and director Chad Donovan, is power-packed porn with spectacularly stacked specimens who will entice your erection and encourage your ejaculation.

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