♺ [Powermen] - Dylan Hunter (WMV)

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Original upload: 2012-09-08 |
Released:  25 Feb 2009 |

Dylan Hunter returns with an all-new private solo scene. Classically handsome, beautifully proportioned, sensually shaped, and packaged like one of the great movie stars, Dylan's another of the solid-muscle Powermen models who knows how to deliver the action you want to see.

"Dylan Hunter was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. And a silver set of dumb bells in his hands. Used to only the best, we felt honored when Dylan contacted us asking if he could... "audition" to model for us. We jumped at the chance and quickly found out that he was a little rebel who wanted to show his dad that he could live his life his way. He's used to being the center of attention and always has girls falling all over themselves just to talk to him. We asked Dylan for a few tips on picking up ladies. His advice? "Ignore them. If they think you aren't impressed, then they're like putty in your hands." Lucky for Dylan he isn't impressed with anyone. We don't mind though. We're impressed enough for two."

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