ExtraBigDicks - Chasen Hart & Steven Ponce

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Description: Chasen's showing off his boner through his shorts teasing Steven. "Think you can suck this better than my girlfriend?" Not one to back down from a challenge, Steven gets Chasen on his feet as he kneels before him to get a better look. "That's a man's dick in need of a man's mouth" Chasen chuckles as he watches Steven strip him and awe at his massive meat. Steven rubs his face on the tent that Chasen's sporting before finally setting it free. Once the boxers come off he laps at Chasen's heavy nuts and runs his tongue up along the shaft. He then opens wide and starts to slurp on Chasen's thick dick. Chasen moans as he gets that extra thick cock sucked on. Steven slurps on that pole getting it nice and wet. Chasen loves the attention his fat knob is getting and he doesn't want it to end anytime soon. Chasen gets back on the couch where Steven lies between his massive thighs and gets back to worshipping that meat. Chasen's hands start to roam as he checks out Steven's hot ass. Steven just deep throats his cock even deeper wanting to please Chasen and show him what a man can do. Chasen then starts to fuck Steven's hot mouth as he buries as much of that beer can cock as Steven's throat will permit

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