Boot Lust - New Remastered Collection

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DescriptionIf you like seeing hot cocky powerful young men get a taste of their own medicine by being overwhelmed, bound, stripped, jacked off and humiliated, these short videos will give you endless jack-off material.  There's nothing hotter than seeing a muscular confident young stud getting stripped bent over and spanked or surrendering his precious straight nut against his will while he struggles or is helplessly unconscious.  Some of these guys get hypnotized and are susceptible to anything the mad doctor has in mind.  You'll lose your breath as those uniform pants are slipped down revealing those beautiful police, soldier and tough guy's muscled bottom and big tool. 

Many of these videos were released in segmented video formatted with sequels separated from the prequels.  I have joined them and renamed them appropriately, since the most file names on this site didn't match the video.  Now it does.  If you guys appreciate the hours of work that went into this, show some love.

Rough Boot 30.57 MB
The Sentry.mp4 275.84 MB
BikerCaught-1.mp4 268.50 MB
Military Justice 2.mp4 464.23 MB
The Cop Snatcher (Trooper Farza).mp4 504.69 MB
The End Justifies The 29.40 MB
The Specialist.mp4 273.15 MB
Double Chloro.mp4 277.56 MB
The Sucker Punch.mp4 237.72 MB
Losing 26.76 MB
Dream of 21.81 MB
Dressed to 51.80 MB
Wet Dream Trance.avi 120.42 MB
Housekeeping (Sebastian Young).mov 23.54 MB
Screens/POW Interrogation.mp4.jpg 155.81 kB
Screens/ROLF Bad Day.mp4.jpg 156.95 kB
Screens/Not This Time (Officer Harris).mp4.jpg 163.43 kB
Screens/How I Recruited Nazi 163.78 kB
Screens/Grudge Match.mp4.jpg 165.90 kB
Screens/Hypnotized Cop.mp4.jpg 140.92 kB
Screens/Fresh Caught - The Prequel.mp4.jpg 148.76 kB
Screens/A Table for One.mp4.jpg 151.11 kB
Screens/Dressed to 170.50 kB
Screens/Getting Van Rath Wasted.mp4.jpg 151.09 kB
Screens/The Big Flip.mp4.jpg 163.81 kB
Screens/Sebastian Young DEMO 172.24 kB
Screens/Command 144.94 kB
Screens/PIG PILE 1 & 195.65 kB
Screens/The Strange Case of the Departing Guest.mp4.jpg 170.15 kB
Screens/Cum Compilation.mp4.jpg 159.58 kB
Screens/Rough Boot 165.18 kB
Screens/Audition - 196.49 kB
Screens/Double Blonde.mp4.jpg 152.93 kB
Screens/Mud Men Extras - Raw Video 166.12 kB
Screens/BikerCaught-1.mp4.jpg 146.29 kB
Screens/The Sentry.mp4.jpg 150.18 kB
Screens/Pig Pile Fantasy VIII.mp4.jpg 177.21 kB
Screens/Cop Station Chaos.mp4.jpg 159.97 kB
Screens/After Capture Punishment - Sebastian 152.54 kB
Screens/The Bunkhouse Boys Play Strip 178.47 kB
Screens/Dangers Of Foot 150.32 kB
Screens/Just for Fun.mp4.jpg 149.51 kB
Screens/The 124.07 kB
Screens/Bait and Switch - Barber Shop 196.46 kB
Screens/Trooper Acardi's 134.07 kB
Screens/Sleeper Hold Side 175.87 kB
Screens/Fuck Ups - Out Takes 164.98 kB
Screens/Dream 139.69 kB
Screens/Rag'd.mp4.jpg 143.19 kB
Screens/TuxRip IX.mp4.jpg 174.13 kB
Screens/Dream of 161.43 kB
Screens/TickleTorture 196.24 kB
Screens/The Big Picture Auction.mp4.jpg 153.64 kB
Screens/Boot Bet.mp4.jpg 156.65 kB
Screens/The Playboy - Remembering 169.83 kB
Screens/Military Justice.mp4.jpg 149.14 kB
Screens/Winning Sgt Reef's Boots.mp4.jpg 151.98 kB
Screens/Captured 155.88 kB
Screens/Rope Trick.mp4.jpg 160.75 kB
Screens/Roll Playing - For Real.mp4.jpg 165.57 kB
Screens/The End Justifies The 181.93 kB
Screens/Crooked Cop (Trooper Stafford).mp4.jpg 141.07 kB
Screens/The Cop Snatcher (Trooper Farza).mp4.jpg 152.02 kB
Screens/Anger Management with Hypnosis (Sebastian Young).mp4.jpg 163.30 kB
Screens/Whack Job (Officer Van Rath).mp4.jpg 167.67 kB
Screens/Don't Drink The Beer - Director's Cut.flv.jpg 173.67 kB
Screens/The Sucker Punch.mp4.jpg 154.07 kB
Screens/All Alone Now - Trooper 159.46 kB
Screens/Down and Dirty.mp4.jpg 179.05 kB
Screens/TuxRip 7.mp4.jpg 139.93 kB
Screens/Scavenger 201.90 kB
Screens/Double Chloro.mp4.jpg 160.80 kB
Screens/HorseThief & 177.67 kB
Screens/The Art Cop - A Music Video.mp4.jpg 197.38 kB
Screens/Boot Jerk 168.69 kB
Screens/Trooper Stafford - Capture.mp4.jpg 156.76 kB
Screens/Van Rath Given a 158.78 kB
Screens/Coup De Grace (with Sebastian Young).mov.jpg 163.38 kB
Screens/The Last Man Standing with Sebatian Young.mp4.jpg 171.94 kB
Screens/Boots In Air 3 Video 158.03 kB
Screens/The Road Warrior.mp4.jpg 174.01 kB
Screens/The Cowboy on Your 150.95 kB
Screens/The Game.mp4.jpg 159.17 kB
Screens/His Own Private Drunk Tank.mp4.jpg 175.92 kB
Screens/Identical 150.83 kB
Screens/In 156.92 kB
Screens/ 162.70 kB
Screens/The Perfect Boot Boy - A Training 147.53 kB
Screens/Chloroforming and Stripping Trooper Stafford.flv.jpg 160.42 kB
Screens/Mattress For Sale.mp4.jpg 153.20 kB
Screens/TuxRip 161.69 kB
Screens/In Your 158.28 kB
Screens/Rookie Who Saved The Squad.mp4.jpg 147.87 kB
Screens/Hang In Boots (Sebastian Young).mp4.jpg 137.94 kB
Screens/A War Story.mp4.jpg 191.23 kB
Screens/A Close Shave.mp4.jpg 154.78 kB
Screens/Sleeper Hold.mp4.jpg 155.68 kB
Screens/Halloween 2013.mp4.jpg 140.31 kB
Screens/Escapee vs Bike Cop.mp4.jpg 186.77 kB
Screens/All Balled 146.00 kB
Screens/I want Your Boots Bitch (Escapee Vs Cowboys).mp4.jpg 185.07 kB
Screens/Hang Tough (Trooper Van Rath).mov.jpg 138.70 kB
Screens/The Trainer.mp4.jpg 149.62 kB
Screens/He Really Likes To Watch.mp4.jpg 156.07 kB
Screens/Halloween 2014.mp4.jpg 153.21 kB
Screens/Stills and Out 161.65 kB
Screens/Cooking With Trooper Cody.mp4.jpg 142.80 kB
Screens/Kidnaping the Hit Man.mp4.jpg 149.99 kB
Screens/Van Rath Hypnotized.mp4.jpg 153.85 kB
Screens/Mud Men - One Bad Bust.mp4.jpg 175.17 kB
Screens/Naxi Stripped 160.13 kB
Screens/Hypno - 155.35 kB
Screens/Check Out Time 2.mp4.jpg 157.99 kB
Screens/The Prime 191.09 kB
Screens/Milk 162.52 kB
Screens/Nazi Tattoo 164.11 kB
Screens/Nazi Officer on Milking Table (Sebastian Young).mov.jpg 155.48 kB
Screens/All Washed up - Sebastian 158.69 kB
Screens/Trooper Acardi Gets 153.22 kB
Screens/Cookin With Trooper 146.90 kB
Screens/The Interrogator.mp4.jpg 146.50 kB
Screens/Laying Down the Law (Trooper Stafford).mp4.jpg 148.23 kB
Screens/Sgt Tyler's Exceptionally Excellent Boot 191.34 kB
Screens/Sleeper Hold 4 - Vengeance.mp4.jpg 133.78 kB
Screens/2010 Kinkiest Clips Video in 150.99 kB
Screens/Hotel Spycam.mp4.jpg 138.88 kB
Screens/Out Take 164.30 kB
Screens/Housekeeping (Sebastian Young).mov.jpg 175.25 kB
Screens/His Own Private Drunk 173.64 kB
Screens/The Late Show - Trooper Alex.mp4.jpg 162.04 kB
Screens/The M Word.mp4.jpg 164.28 kB
Screens/E-Stim.mp4.jpg 149.20 kB
Screens/Resisting Arrest is Not an Option (Trooper Harris).mp4.jpg 154.28 kB
Screens/Trooper Jerk 200.53 kB
Screens/4 Little Words - Trooper Harris Payback.mp4.jpg 169.06 kB
Screens/Stake Out.mp4.jpg 168.43 kB
Screens/I want Your Boots Bitch (Escapee vs Motoboy - Sebatian Young).mov.jpg 222.23 kB
Screens/I Want Your Boots Bitch - Lineman Down.mp4.jpg 176.09 kB
Screens/Wet Dream Trance.avi.jpg 162.18 kB
Screens/Man of Action.mp4.jpg 158.11 kB
Screens/The Cable Boy - Play Time with Tony.mp4.jpg 159.12 kB
Screens/Special Tactics.mp4.jpg 153.71 kB
Screens/The Trap.mp4.jpg 139.86 kB
Screens/Crawl 175.84 kB
Screens/I want Your Boots Bitch - Nature Boy Gets 173.53 kB
Screens/Auction 173.44 kB
Screens/Not Above the Knees.mp4.jpg 157.52 kB
Screens/Biker Boy In The Drunk 158.04 kB
Screens/The Impersonator.mp4.jpg 150.23 kB
Screens/Military Justice 2.mp4.jpg 152.73 kB
Screens/Trooper Penn 236.58 kB
Screens/The Specialist.mp4.jpg 141.58 kB
Screens/Trooper Eddie Graham Audition 175.20 kB
Screens/Office Visit.mp4.jpg 150.48 kB
Screens/Captured Cop 2.mp4.jpg 169.94 kB
Screens/What am I 156.61 kB
Screens/The Patrol Boot Video (Adam and Bronk).mov.jpg 172.10 kB
Screens/The Lying Photographer.mp4.jpg 165.40 kB
Screens/A Little Game of Make 164.26 kB
Screens/Losing 156.78 kB
Screens/Guests of Honor.mp4.jpg 154.20 kB
Screens/Rough Play with Big Boys Compilation.mp4.jpg 161.44 kB
Screens/Bait and Switch - Barber Shop Cop.mp4.jpg 185.25 kB
His Own Private Drunk 12.35 MB
Resisting Arrest is Not an Option (Trooper Harris).mp4 231.50 MB
Cooking With Trooper Cody.mp4 323.79 MB
Boot Bet.mp4 272.68 MB
The Lying Photographer.mp4 748.85 MB
All Washed up - Sebastian 48.40 MB
Boot Jerk 22.00 MB
Mud Men Extras - Raw Video 50.93 MB
Crawl 22.05 MB
The Late Show - Trooper Alex.mp4 316.01 MB
In Your 16.35 MB
Trooper Acardi's 7.70 MB
The Bunkhouse Boys Play Strip 31.78 MB
Not Above the Knees.mp4 381.22 MB
A Table for One.mp4 316.77 MB
Milk 28.93 MB
The Last Man Standing with Sebatian Young.mp4 245.65 MB
Anger Management with Hypnosis (Sebastian Young).mp4 400.94 MB
The M Word.mp4 172.37 MB
Escapee vs Bike Cop.mp4 353.75 MB
After Capture Punishment - Sebastian 18.62 MB
Cookin With Trooper 33.28 MB
Office Visit.mp4 311.58 MB
Rough Play with Big Boys Compilation.mp4 612.04 MB
The Impersonator.mp4 297.87 MB
Van Rath Hypnotized.mp4 360.10 MB
Laying Down the Law (Trooper Stafford).mp4 465.35 MB
What am I 19.33 MB
Mattress For Sale.mp4 508.91 MB
The Interrogator.mp4 345.93 MB
Fuck Ups - Out Takes 28.80 MB
Crooked Cop (Trooper Stafford).mp4 257.10 MB
Hang Tough (Trooper Van Rath).mov 11.26 MB
Trooper Eddie Graham Audition 19.61 MB
Sleeper Hold Side 27.96 MB
He Really Likes To Watch.mp4 347.80 MB
Down and Dirty.mp4 279.66 MB
Guests of Honor.mp4 360.00 MB
I want Your Boots Bitch (Escapee Vs Cowboys).mp4 308.81 MB
Rag'd.mp4 313.26 MB
The Patrol Boot Video (Adam and Bronk).mov 17.92 MB
Hypno - 26.35 MB
TuxRip IX.mp4 253.51 MB
Identical 15.11 MB
Audition - 25.02 MB
Cum Compilation.mp4 1.47 GB
Boots In Air 3 Video 14.99 MB
2010 Kinkiest Clips Video in 33.07 MB
The Strange Case of the Departing Guest.mp4 299.62 MB
Stills and Out 21.91 MB
Hotel Spycam.mp4 164.54 MB
Check Out Time 2.mp4 419.00 MB
His Own Private Drunk Tank.mp4 248.53 MB
Out Take 10.71 MB
Not This Time (Officer Harris).mp4 255.77 MB
Sleeper Hold 4 - Vengeance.mp4 260.38 MB
Sleeper Hold.mp4 346.79 MB
Whack Job (Officer Van Rath).mp4 273.33 MB
All Balled 8.96 MB
Nazi Tattoo 24.27 MB
A Little Game of Make 28.81 MB
Double Blonde.mp4 388.29 MB
All Alone Now - Trooper 13.26 MB
Trooper Acardi Gets 20.38 MB
Hypnotized Cop.mp4 360.57 MB
Winning Sgt Reef's Boots.mp4 299.36 MB
Cop Station Chaos.mp4 389.98 MB
The 31.56 MB
Just for Fun.mp4 335.41 MB
The Cowboy on Your 14.03 MB
Halloween 2013.mp4 317.90 MB
PIG PILE 1 & 22.70 MB
Naxi Stripped 27.73 MB
TuxRip 7.mp4 278.69 MB
POW Interrogation.mp4 322.00 MB
TuxRip 21.44 MB
Man of Action.mp4 368.28 MB
Mud Men - One Bad Bust.mp4 343.44 MB
Coup De Grace (with Sebastian Young).mov 21.35 MB
Bait and Switch - Barber Shop Cop.mp4 274.27 MB
Trooper Penn 14.68 MB
Dream 5.19 MB
Bait and Switch - Barber Shop 28.95 MB
The Perfect Boot Boy - A Training 29.00 MB
Halloween 2014.mp4 268.75 MB
Fresh Caught - The Prequel.mp4 193.58 MB
Trooper Jerk 16.84 MB 29.62 MB
Getting Van Rath Wasted.mp4 282.28 MB
Command 17.24 MB
Captured Cop 2.mp4 589.23 MB
The Prime 19.90 MB
The Big Picture Auction.mp4 777.73 MB
The Trainer.mp4 472.69 MB
Scavenger 20.46 MB
Pig Pile Fantasy VIII.mp4 275.75 MB
The Road Warrior.mp4 335.26 MB
I want Your Boots Bitch - Nature Boy Gets 26.60 MB
Nazi Officer on Milking Table (Sebastian Young).mov 16.00 MB
E-Stim.mp4 256.79 MB
Van Rath Given a 26.22 MB
Rookie Who Saved The Squad.mp4 234.28 MB
Kidnaping the Hit Man.mp4 334.61 MB
The Trap.mp4 233.30 MB
Don't Drink The Beer - Director's Cut.flv 14.34 MB
How I Recruited Nazi 28.95 MB
A War Story.mp4 31.37 MB
In 8.19 MB
The Game.mp4 538.81 MB
I Want Your Boots Bitch - Lineman Down.mp4 241.36 MB
ROLF Bad Day.mp4 265.33 MB
Auction 10.10 MB
TickleTorture 23.00 MB
Military Justice.mp4 635.98 MB
Hang In Boots (Sebastian Young).mp4 24.53 MB
4 Little Words - Trooper Harris Payback.mp4 270.92 MB
Special Tactics.mp4 294.33 MB
Trooper Stafford - Capture.mp4 197.09 MB
A Close Shave.mp4 306.36 MB
The Big Flip.mp4 364.85 MB
Captured 23.35 MB
Sebastian Young DEMO 27.98 MB
The Playboy - Remembering 53.97 MB
Grudge Match.mp4 303.80 MB
Roll Playing - For Real.mp4 302.13 MB
Stake Out.mp4 322.33 MB
I want Your Boots Bitch (Escapee vs Motoboy - Sebatian Young).mov 20.11 MB
The Cable Boy - Play Time with Tony.mp4 571.20 MB
Rope Trick.mp4 245.42 MB
The Hard Way and the Easy Way.mp4 297.65 MB
HorseThief & 20.52 MB
Biker Boy In The Drunk 25.52 MB
Eat Me.mp4 324.35 MB
The Art Cop - A Music Video.mp4 46.12 MB
TuxRip 8 - Tame him to my Hand.mp4 344.22 MB
The Birthday Boy.mp4 310.04 MB
Dangers Of Foot 31.24 MB
Chloroforming and Stripping Trooper Stafford.flv 9.87 MB
The Measure of a Man.mp4 275.53 MB
My Zombi Brewski (trooper Greyson Gets Owned).mp4 371.25 MB
Nazi Hotel.mp4 296.92 MB
Tender Moments - A Video Montage of Powerful 17.67 MB
Live Bait 1.mp4 322.22 MB
Sgt Tyler's Exceptionally Excellent Boot 2.96 MB
Pat Down (with Sebastian Young).mp4 356.80 MB
Nazi Chloroformed, Stripped.mp4 281.98 MB
Cop Stop in Twilight Zonesville.mp4 186.85 MB
Lineman Strip.mp4 205.99 MB
Check Out Time 1 (with Sebastian Young).mp4 319.82 MB
The Control 29.12 MB
Official Police Business.mp4 221.03 MB
Hotel Dick.mp4 367.64 MB
New Recruit - Budge.flv 11.90 MB
Drunk Tank 15.36 MB
Instant Rag Doll Story.mp4 281.61 MB
Rag 25.91 MB
Military Justice 3.mp4 358.60 MB
The Extractor.mp4 332.04 MB
No Pain No Gain.mp4 312.42 MB
I want Your Boots Bitch - Ep 10.mp4 332.01 MB
Downstairs Upstairs (Trooper Graham vs Punk).mp4 315.51 MB
Bootlust cum 2 .mp4 1.44 GB
Military Boot Cream.mp4 300.58 MB
Tales from The Police Station Basement.mp4 206.67 MB 22.24 MB 2.51 MB
Cop Foot 27.04 MB
Fresh Caught (with alternate ending).mp4 534.75 MB
The Missing 4 Hours.mp4 342.52 MB
TYLER- The 8.70 MB
His Own Private Pig 33.03 MB
Confessions of a Boot Whore.mp4 345.02 MB
Always Wait for Backup.mp4 277.83 MB
Dream Job.mp4 449.53 MB
The Perfect Host.mp4 247.27 MB
The Rookie Who 21.02 MB
Size 13s (with Sebastian Young).mp4 292.87 MB
The Wonders of Sleepy 37.51 MB
Boys Who Deserve a Taste of Your 25.64 MB
Profiteer.mp4 98.86 MB
Hangin Boots After (Sebastian Young).mov 7.91 MB
I want Your Boots Bitch - Militiaboy.mp4 269.98 MB
Too Big for His 14.11 MB
Zak - Don't Drink the Free 26.04 MB
Dorothy Had it Easy (Trooper Stafford Stripped Down).mov 23.15 MB
Try it, You'll Like it.mp4 141.45 MB
Saturday Night Cowboy Drunk 32.42 MB
Sentry Swap.mp4 254.18 MB
The Extractor 26.59 MB
Don't Drink The Free Beer (with Sebastian Young).mp4 261.09 MB
Trooper Hunt Relieved of 23.15 MB
Hypno - Trooper Thornton.avi 161.83 MB
Trooper Stafford's Dream.mp4 342.42 MB
Horseplay Video Clip 7.31 MB
Pre Game Show.mp4 356.66 MB
Kidnapped.mp4 397.31 MB

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