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ChaosMen - Mattox (Edge & Serviced)

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Description"Bryan of Chaosmen wrote:

Ahhh Mattox. So we’ve already seen him get Serviced by Adam, and I was hoping and begging for him to come back and stick that horse dick of his up a dude’s ass, but no go.

We had talked about the Edge video, and given his dominate side, he thought it would be hot. I discussed the fantasy stuff, and he thought he could do it for a “little while” just not a whole video.

The best part of this video is the part I think most guys skip over. I take his pants down, and its the best snake charming you will ever see. His dick springs to life in less than a minute.

His dick is HUGE too. Not only is long, but it’s thick! I would choke down on it, and he would get that smirk on his face (the one where he plays with his tongue piercing)….oh so proud that his dick is chokin’ someone.

This is another video where I think the core blowjob would stand on its own. I’m actually thinking of releasing some of these vids without the flashes….its kind of hot to see them go from nervous to busting in 8-9 minutes.

Anyway, the fantasy stuff might not be as nutty as the rest (remember, these straight guys have pretty narrow limits) but the video is solid edition to the series.

SPOILER: I actually DID nut in this video. After eating his ass and a little bit of fucking around, I moved the cameras around and re-settled. I had Mattox sit on my face and I basically busted on my own. Mattox actually jumped in, egging me on, and just getting way in to it. I thought his dick would get soft waiting for me to bust, the domination of having someone eat his ass turned him on. He slid back a bit, and whapped my face with his hard dick, then squeezed out a huge glob of precum (his trademark apparently). It hit my lips, and I nutted just like that.

I get up and look up at the cameras. NOT ON. Mother Fuck!

Yeah. And there is no Take Two on a shot like that. So you all will just have to imagine that bust shot, and I will save the scenario for the next Edge.

Just remember the most important part, is Mattox’s impressive cumshot!"


"Bryan of Chaosmen wrote:

I was super pleased to get Mattox back in for a dick sucking. His cocky attitude translates to a nice dominate streak on screen.

I got Adam to come in and blow him. It rocks watching Mattox go from nervous, to totally lost in the moment, then finally basically making Adam his bitch.

One thing I realized after shooting these Serviced videos with the younger models, is that these straight guys will happily suck dick on film, but they’ve never really had to make a guy cum from a blow job.

Most guys will announce that they can’t cum from a blow job. I would say 8 out of 10 guys will say it is always a challenge under the best of circumstances. Heck, I even have a tough time.

So I have had these straight guys (like Andrew, Race and Adam) doing these Serviced videos, and they can sure pleasure the guys, but getting them over the top is just not in their acquired skill set.

I’ve come to the conclusion it takes years of practice. You have to know that each guy has a different way. Usually when I am blowing them, I am monitoring which technique works the best. When I find it, I then switch back to teasing mode to drive ‘em crazy, and for the cumshot I go back to what was hitting the right spot.

In this video, you do see me suck Mattox for a bit. Before we were about to do the bust shot, I thought I had better jump in and show Adam how to make him go over the top. So there is a nice long out take at the end of this video.

Mattox kept saying he was better “upright” for cumming, so we changed it around for the end, and we got a terrific cumshot facial out of him. Adam IS a big fan of cum eating! Thank goodness!

Later as we were leaving, he kept talking about doing another blow job video, but asking if I would do it.

I think I will ask him to do an Edge video, thereby pushing his boundries by making him do some other naughty stuff.

He is REALLY on the fence about fucking a dude, but his dominate side is quite wide, and I know he will be a mean top! But the oral stuff might just be his limit."
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