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Joe Gage Sex Files 2: Uncle Pruitt Taught Me How To Do It

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"There's a whole lot of sucking going on in Joe Gage Sex Files 2: Uncle Pruitt Taught Me How To Do It - so much wagging and consumption of stiff delicious dick, in fact, that you won't even notice there's no heinie-poking. Slurp, slurp!"


Loosen your tonsils fellow shaft-worshipers, ’cuz this slurp-happy line-up of gay and trade meat provides enough throat-cramming action to keep even the most insatiable cock-gobblers orally satisfied. It all begins with a lean, smooth and just-plain-adorable twink, "Dave" (Trent Austin), home alone on a sweltering afternoon, stroking off his large, luscious cock to a handy titty porn mag.

"Uncle Pruitt" (Mark Kroner) slithers in and unzips. Furry and looking just a wee bit shady in his age-defying ball cap, Uncle P. catches his adorable masturbating nephew unawares but quickly offers him a quelling $5 to stroke off together to the spread-open magazine. They do, until they make a grab for each other’s full-masted shaft.

The suckery soon begins, with Kroner giving Austin deep head while the youngster’s low-hanging sack swings towards his chin; and Austin reciprocating with a full-chug blow job so exquisite it seems he was born to savor penis. There’s something familiar, by the way, about puppy-dog-cute Trent Austin’s squinty suck-me eyes, his sly come-hither smirk and his protruding, yank-me-during-wild-head ears; I have deduced he must be the love child of Josh Hartnett and Jack Noseworthy.

Uncle Pruitt promises Dave another five bucks if he invites over some of his horny young buddies, and for the remainder of the film, the suck-and-tug shenanigans escalate and incorporate more and more lip-smacking, mouth-watering, cum-spewing dick.

Cock pigs will be in hog heaven here, and there are enough highlights within this one feature to fill up any random studio’s oral/wank sampler reel.

Fawn over the sight of a double-fisted Dave Hartnett-Noseworthy, double-stroking his hot-n-hard buddies “Kevin” and “Richie” (Robert Gunn and Danny Chance).

Marvel over the synchronized timing of Kroner and Austin, bobbing their adjacent heads in unison as they devour the well-hung tools belonging to Gunn and Chance.

Gawk at the eventual abundance of hard man meat during the full-house finale, a lengthy whack-and-gargle sequence that introduces hunk after hunk after hunk, including the crotch-throbbing cover stud “Donny” (Latino four-alarm-fire sizzler Caesar Cruz, who could pass for a Marine). “Donny” reeks of trade – he’s satisfied to merely stroke-off alone while viewing hetero-porn – but we’re treated to glorious close-ups of the caramel-skinned hottie wielding and pumping his big, dark, curved, uncut bone. We also get a few quick peeks of the video, too: an astonishingly big dick whisker-poking a puss-puss. (Vagina-phobes oughtn’t to worry, though; there’s not much snatch to wreck your buzz here.)

There’s a whole lot of sucking going on - so much wagging and consumption of stiff delicious dick, in fact, that you won’t even notice there’s no heinie-poking. Slurp, slurp!

-- Beef Stroganoff

Cast:  Caesar Cruz, David Anthony, Trent Austin, Danny Chance, Andrew Addams, Ron Daniels, Derek Dewars, Robert Gunn, Mark Kroner

Director:  Joe Gage

Country:  US

Length: 1 hr 35 min

Year: 2003

Studio :  TitanMen

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