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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2008-12-25 |
Superstar in the making Chris Steele (on the right) is a newfound fave: sculpted big body, great pecs and arms and a scruffy chest that you could just eat every meal off of. And Buddy Jones (of Kristen Bjorn's Wet Dreams opus) is quite a lil' number himself.

The opening scene in the sudsy bathtub between lovers Chris and Buddy is a killer: lots of muscle worship, oral adulation, foreskin play (Buddy's) and - even better - deep manly kissing. (Alright!) The cumshots are thick and gooey, especially when Buddy blows on Chris' stomach and scarfs it up. (Eat that up, boy.)

Buddy prepares for a trip, wondering if he can trust Chris. Well, no sooner is Buddy on the road and narrating out loud to us if he can, Chris spots the gardener and his hose (Anthony Cox) in the backyard working on more than the overgrown ivy. Enter poolguy Blake Harper (with shaved head and scruffy beard). Electrician Rick Hammersmith shows up and watching the scene playing out, joins in the fun. (Not a lot of work gets done in this town apparently.)

Rick ends up taking both massive pieces in a wildly hot double penetration fuck on the diving board. Our duos's sleazy "friend" (Drew Peters) shows up, and before ya know it Chris breaks his vows and more - namely Drew's overworked yet still-pink hole.

Buddy decides to see a flick to take his mind off of things, and ends up tricking in the theatre with Marco (so much for "trust"). Lots of good seedy deep throating and foreskin play in the theatre seats. When they fuck, the grunts get loud and rough... and the audience mysteriously vanishes! (Ya gotta love a good fantasy.)

Buddy decides to forget about the conference, makes an about-face, and heads on home to his love, Chris (can't say I blame ya, Buddy). Their scene together is definitely the highlight of the flick: Lots of deep kissing, loving stares, fingering, grunting and a ferocious slamming of Buddy by Chris. These two obviously were into each other, and their heat comes forth wonderfully. Their tender and romantic after-fuck wraps things up well, too.

Chris is quite an actor; he delivers his non-sex scene lines confidently, and should do quite well in the future. (His flick for Channel 1 and Chi Chi LaRue - Steele Ranger - is amazing.) Tech credits are good, although the music drowns out some of the boys' grunts and dialogue in spots. That said though, this one is good ol' fashioned rump ridin' and grabbed my attention from the get-go.
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