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The Boys of Prague Series - Helping Hands 9

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In this ninth installment of his Helping Hands series, William Higgins lets us see how five more anxious Czech lads respond to their first physical contact with another guy. The experienced helping hand gets a good grip on the "situation" as another model's mouth goes to work on the newcomer's swelling cock! What will these horny but inexperienced lads do or say when a finger or a dildo starts to push into their sweet tight hole for the first time - perhaps we should have told them in advance?


Boris Mateo
Eda Rieger
Jirka Gregor
Martin Bogdan
Martin Novotny (wh)
Milan Vokoun
Pavel Matous
Radim Vokoun

William Higgins Productions

The Boys of Prague

released 2006 length 122  
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