♺ Coming out on top (New version, released on 03 01 2015)

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Original upload: 2015-01-03 |
Hey folks!

The latest version of Coming Out On Top (1.2.0) is OUT.

New stuff

The gallery. 
When you unlock illustrations, you can view them again from the gallery.
The game now uses the latest RenPy engine (6.18.3). It should run more smoothly for all users, especially players using Windows 8 and Yosemite.
An additional end scene.

Bug fixes
More edits/typo fixes.
Jed’s route has a minor change in it that involves the name of a location. (There was a factual incongruity with regards to a religious institution.)

By the way
Did you know you can use TAB (in conjunction with your skip settings in Options) to speed through dialogue you’ve already seen?

If you like the game, buy it.
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