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Red Hot

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DescriptionFalcon International Collection #18.

"Red Hot" seems an all-too-convenient title for this Hungarian video, but the simple fact is that it's true. The guys in this video are just plain hot. Falcon has another wonderfully presented Hungarian video on its hands. Yes, of course, the title is a pun -- the video is about a bunch of horny firemen -- but it?s such an apt description, it works on any level.

Remus Orza is the chief of this particularly randy fire station. Franco Corsini is one of a slew of new recruits going through training and Remus wants to make sure he has made new friends. Of course, as he grabs for Franco's crotch, we are to assume he is putting himself at the top of that list. There is some excellent tongue co-wagging between them and then cute baby-faced Franco can't rip off chiseled dark Remus' clothes fast enough, scratching for the dick hidden beneath the fabric. Remus' cock is waiting already by the time Franco does finally get there. Franco's suck is a forerunner of almost all the oral action in this video -- it's all handled by superb tongue action. The blowjobs here are not deep impassioned sucks, but frisky tongue baths, and they all work fantastically. Franco's tongue looooves Remus' asshole just as much, working hard to delight as well that quivering nerve center. Remus ultimately fucks Franco, in a kind of sidesaddle position that is very rewardingly shot close-camera. The fuck is fairly standard, gaining energy when Franco sits down on Remus and the latter shoots up into him.

We see the beginnings of a plot when a man at home falls asleep with a cigarette and a fire starts. But, before the video deals with that, it introduces us to George Vidanov, one of the most exciting of Falcon's recent international models. George is a hot poster guy, at once cute enough to cuddle and strong enough to be imposingly sexy. He's in the shower by himself and does a mouthwatering soaping before cleaning out his ass with a water hose. The long streams he shoots back at the camera are exciting and the way he writhes as he does it all is sensational. Once he's clean, in comes hunky Janos Volt to dry him off. Janos asks him if he's clean. Yeah, Janos, he's as clean now as he is handsome, and that's damn clean! Janos almost immediately falls to his knees to suck George, who clearly delights in the fine attention. If you need a scene in this video that summarily proves the title, this is it. These two guys are about as scorching a pair as you're likely to find. The kissing is wonderful, as is the lavish blowjob George gives Janos, his tongue working so far overtime it deserves its own paycheck.

While they heatedly blow each other, a fire alarm goes off; the cigarette fire has become a major deal. The rest of the guys in the battalion go off, but Janos holds George back, saying there are enough guys to get to it. George agrees and the fucking starts. One could say the fire in the shower needs more attention, I suppose George fucks Janos first. Now, George could be sexy clipping his toenails, so watching him banging Janos is a clear reward for the viewer. They fit together nicely and though Janos shows a look of pain on his face, he does remain rock hard the whole time. George then rolls a condom down Janos' dick with his hardworking tongue and chases after it with his firepole-sliding ass. This action is even better, both of the guys doing perfect chores as top and bottom. Janos creams on George's balls and then George has a nice shot on his own tummy.

Remus chews out George and Janos for missing the fire, but he gives the guys who did put it out a few days off. In the meantime, four of the other firemen are sitting in their bedroom reading dirty magazines and horsing around. Blonde military-looking Jozsef Kovacs throws off his towel and just as quickly Adam Gosett jumps over the bed to attend to the meaty cock Miklos Soledad happily slurps down some of John Valko's dick at the same time. John is one of those guys you love to watch getting blown; he throws his hip grinding into it to make it a more pleasurable experience for the sucker. Adam attends also to Jozsef's ripe hairy ass with nice lapping. Jozsef then returns the rim on Adam and it's time to switch partners. Jozsef moves on to Miklos' ass, proving that rimming can easily be a favorite activity. John comes over to fuck Adam. The positioning here is the best part of the scene: John fucks Adam, while Miklos bends over delighted Adam to blow him as well.

Lucky Adam! Jozsef continues what he does best and rims Miklos. Adam and Jozsef then 69 each other as John fucks Miklos as well as he did Adam. The 69ers cum on each other's cheeks, leaving the best cum shot for Miklos, who pops one all the way up to his neck! Alex Lambert, Nikolas Kiss and Marko Pacyna are the three guys who get time off for their bravery in helping put out the fire. They go home to Nikolas' house for champagne, but while the host goes off to get it, Alex and Marko start to fool around and disrobe. Apparently not all fires were quenched, one could say. The tongue sucking is great. It has a fun immediacy that flows throughout the rest of the scene. Nikolas returns just as adorable Alex is shoving Marko's dick into his mouth. The blowing is energetic, and so is the moaning. Nikolas finally joins to take Alex into his mouth as Marko goes down on him. The chain is a wonderful molding of the three guys, with Nikolas picking up the tongue-excellence gauntlet thrown down by at least one guy in each of the previous scenes. In a nice surprise, Nikolas, the biggest of the three, gets fucked, and by Alex, the smallest of the three. It's very good fucking, too. This position mutates into the best one yet, with Marko fucking Nikolas and Alex sucking on Nikolas' supremely fat member. It's great fun to watch Nikolas bark out orders to the other guys, especially to Alex trying so hard to squeeze in inches of the really squat dick. Marko quietly maneuvers a worthy fuck, though it's not the focus of the scene.

You know, I never tire of the fireman video. No matter if it's the Czechs, the Hungarians, the Brazilians or the good old Americans, the fireman video always works. Is it the pole? Is it the fast-moving red phallic truck? Probably none, it's just the hot sexy guys in the firehouses that always seem to work so well. Here, director Steve Kiraly and his always-astute sense for pairings find a grand gaggle of young horny guys to be the firemen and to hose the viewer down with excellent sex. The Vidanov-Volt scene is clearly the highlight, but there isn't a low point at all in this red-hot little video.

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