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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-12-06 |

I am fulfilling a request made from a member here, but I will be entirely honest about this super hot flick.

It is not my rip (but I would be proud as hell if it were!).

This is a VHS rip by my very good friend Mark, the one (happily) rival I have to ripping the best and rare of our historic treasures.

After asking him, he has given me permission to repost his work with my "extras" (photo-sets, trailer, etc.)

I knew automatically that this one had to be hot as our tastes are very close, but my nuts nearly fell off when I saw one scene in particular with Sandy Blue dancing in his tight white Levi 501s along with the white shirt and white high-tops.

I had this tape myself once in the mid 90s which had been lost or stolen long ago.

I did not know the title or I would have been searching long ago!
(Way before any knowledge I have now about Gay porn!)

It now fills all but one of the collection I lost back then, the only remaining one being the Angel Rivera classic compilation, Angels Boys: hxxp://www.wtule.net/v35008.html
(Still hunting so if anyone has, please share!)

But even if I do find that one, it cannot come close to the thrill I had when I realized which one this was.

Thank you my friend for replacing a part of my missing past, a feat that becomes harder to achieve with each day I get older.

If you would like to see my preview of this one, you can do so streamed from my own site here:

Please not that this film is a very high quality version (burns fantastic too!), but I was forced to reduce it so it could stream more easily.

The HQ version however is included in the download, along with the slide show I created to follow the movie for burning.

While working on this masterpiece, I had to "take a break" several times to "take care of something" ;)

Info below, details in the NFO file (for the techies!)

(I sure as hell did!!!)


Show It Off [Filmco Video]


hxxp://www.pornwatcher.org/Studios/FilmcoSummary.html (index only)


This brand-new video has 11 great looking young guys in 5 HOT SEX SCENES. Introducing "HUNG: newcomer Scott Ryan!

If you are looking for free-flowing sex action from an uninhibited cast, then you better show up as they show it off! Mike Haggertys cast of lithe, unmacho-ized youths show it off in a story about photographers and their more-than-anxious models. A sub theme has hung Scott Ryan having a birthday. You definitely want to cum celebrate with these guys!



Filmcos latest feature has much to recommend, including top-notch technical quality, non-stop action and packaging that is by far the company's best to date. The main problem is uneven pacing of the five episodes. Editor Hal Roth is on target in the first three episodes (Reynolds solo, his duo with Scott Ryan and the birthday party orgy), but the pace slows down in the final two. Another problem is the abrupt ending, which shows Angelo putting a condom on Steven Moore and then a sudden fade.

But the action itself is often imaginative, and the cast includes faces you will not see anywhere else (Ryan, Reynolds, Baker, Moore) as well as industry reliables (Angelo, Garetto, Wells, Rhodes, Blue). Danny Gibson, by the way, is better known as Dany (or Danny) Brown. The tape is definitely worth stocking, but Filmcos all-black titles Black Swear, Black Sex Party are still their best offerings to date.

Reviewed Sep 1st, 1989 by Sid Mitchell
Critical Rating: AA 1/2


Mike Haggertys cast of lithe, unmacho-ized youths show it off in a story about photographers and their more-than-anxious models. A sub-theme has hung Scott Ryan having a birthday. Bob Reynolds (with pierced nipple and foreskinned cock) fucks himself with a butt plug, then dildo, before going to Scotts to photograph the party. Scott wants a solo session and gets Bob to suck his big dick. Scott takes his ass on a sofa for a long and hard slide-ride.

Scotts friends, four blonds, smear cake over him and lick it off. A long and very erotic scene features Danny Brown (here as Danny Gibson) and Sandy Blue doing a striptease dance for fat-dicked Latin Rod Garetto, leading to three-way sex. A final segment has natural and unpretentious abandon when baby-faced Angelo, redheaded Steve Moore and bottom man Dino Baker group for lip pleasures and j/o. Filmcos production values are above average in this collection of free-flowing sex action from an uninhibited cast. No condoms.

Stars: Sandy Blue, Justin Rhodes, Rod Garetto, Danny Gibson (a.k.a Danny Brown), Angelo, Mark Radcliff, Brandon Welles, Steven Moore, Paul Bradley, Bob Reynolds

Director: Mike Haggerty

Released: 1989


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