Hand of Fate (1997) Studio 2000 DVD

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Descriptiondirector Derek Kent

Aaron Wilde
Casey Morgan
Chris Rock
Drew Andrews
Michael Rivera
Richie Fine
Rod Barry
Sandy Sloane
Troy Ryder

In Hand Of Fate, Richie Fine is cast as Raymond, a young man who has been living for a number of years in a relationship with Darren (Chris Rock) who is a few years his senior. Raymond is devoted to his lover and accepts Darren's selfishness, superiority and promiscuity as givens in the situation. Early one morning, Raymond wakes Darren a bit earlier than usual and coaxes him into one of their increasingly rare moments of lovemaking. It is only when they are making love that Darren accepts Raymond as an equal. As these two hot men mold their bodies together, tenderness and passion, gentleness and intensity, ebb and flow between them in a beautiful and arousing coupling that is the stuff of true sex.

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Note: one of my favorites. Enjoy!
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