Hard Heroes - Bait Tricked Hero

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Description"Tell Bullet some of the things you told me..." hisses Rotine, a serpent in Haze`s ear. Even under Rotine`s control, Haze is unable to express his secret feelings for Bullet, so he shows them instead. In an almost languorous manner we are treated to the stimulating sight of Haze`s huge, caressing hands working the incapacitating foam into the weakened hardbody, paying special attention to his curving ass, pecks, and pits, until his every muscle stands out like a Herculean, marble statue bathed in a sea of blinding whiteness.

"He clearly has some fight in him," says Rotine, as the foam-drenched beast is untied. "Beat it out of him!"

The two comrades fight, finger-locked and furious, splattering foam in every direction, as Haze works the substance even deeper into the curves and crevices of Bullet`s lycra covered frame. Haze buries his face in his combatants ass and crotch, focusing on the source of his power...

Ball grabbing, nipple biting, and rough rope beating from Rotine spiral into a suck session, where both beautiful battlers service each other`s jackhammers in a trance-like state of eroticism.

Will Haze and Bullet manage to escape from the clutches of Rotine, or will they be forced to act out the mega-villian`s twisted fantasies for all eternity?
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