Rock Ramsey

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Description[Bear Films]  Rock Ramsey and Alex Payne

Rock Ramsey might be a good ‘old Southern boy from the Georgia swamp but this is one sexy fucker that’s hard to pigeonhole. With a bit of redneck rabble rousing running through his veins, the inked, pierced and VERY sexy hunk is called upon to fix a broken down car at Roy’s Hideaway. Having been there before, Rock pretty much knows what he can expect and he’s NOT disappointed. However, Alex Payne seems to think Rock isn’t going fast enough. That’s when the local auto mechanic pulls out his best, and most popular, tools — his cock and balls — in order to do the job right. On Alex. Whether down his throat or digging deep inside his hot ass, Rock puts Alex in his place by fucking the daddy hard and rough; and it’s a place Alex seems to enjoy! Which makes us wonder, especially since he said he’d gotten his car serviced on the way up. Did he maybe sabotage his own car? Hmmm.

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[Bear Films]  Rock Ramsey and Steve King

After an evening storm, Steve King is clearing his land as muscle bear Rock Ramsey approaches. Rock is parched, and Steve offers him a hose to get a beer from, and takes a slurp himself. Their eyes meet and before they even realise it, they are swapping drool and kisses. The storm returns so they decide to take cover. Under their cover they carry on where they left off, then start sucking cock with the lightning and thunder all around them. Steve’s hole is as moist as the humid air, and Rock easily slides into it deeper and deeper. Sweat drips as Steve begs for more inches to fill him. Before long they are both unloading their sticky loads over their muscular chests mixing with the sweat.

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[Bear Films]  Roy's Hideaway - Six Bear Orgy

Bears do a lot more than…well, you know. They fuck in the woods, too! Especially the human, furry kind. Don’t believe us? Just check out some of the hottest, sexiest, and most adorable men we’ve filmed: Alex Payne, Chef Bear, Jack Power, Jake Davidson, Rock Ramsey and Sid Morgan. This steamy 6-pack takes out their pent-up frustrations out in the open when they meet up at Roy’s Hideway for Spring Bear Fest, a place where bears, cubs, and their admirers can run amuck in the Georgia swamp. Watch them go down on each other, bobbing for hard cock on the sunny deck. With just the right amount of masculinity and cuddly playfulness, they let it all hang out and wind up knee-deep in lust and fur as they get all sweaty licking, sucking and fucking their way D-E-E-P into your willing fuckhole. Oh, wait. That didn’t sound right, did it? Your heart. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Your heart. WOOF!

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[HairyandRaw] Rock Ramsey & Brock Hart (Bareback)

What do two muscle studs have in common in the tropical Florida weather? A HOT and horny fever in the afternoon sun. Tattooed Rock Ramsey and Big Boy Brock Hart take to sex like ducks in water in this muscle scene that will get you begging to be in the center of the action. After lounging in the sun on a Balcony the heat gets to Rock and Brock. Glances are exchanged, hands wander, lips lock and the hot sex begins. Brock is the first down on his knees revealing Rock’s hard tattooed cock. Brock is in awe of Rock’s prick; slowly sucking it deep, making love to it with his mouth and warm wet throat. Brock drools on the shaft and rod while his saliva slowly drips down to Rocks big nuts.
Rock takes advantage of the blowjob by moaning with contentment. Minutes later Rock leads Brock into the room where the ass eating begins. Lips lock again with the musky taste of manhole between these two men. Top man Rock can’t wait any longer and slowly slides his greasy tattooed cock deep inside Brock’s tight hole. Brock’s eyes and hole widens to take Rock big dick balls deep. Both are expert fuckers and the men become greedy sex fiends with each other as their stud hips bang back and forth drilling and pounding for cum. Rock flips Brock on his back where Rock’s curved cock hits the spot and Brock nuts a load of hot jizz on his belly. Rock continues to drill, taking advantage of Brock’s raw, tight hole till he shoots his spunk deep in Brock’s gut. Both studs take their share of raw tropical sex in the sunny afternoon!

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